Foodoscopes — February 2016

All illustrations by Erin Filson.



AQUARIUS Jan 20 – Feb 18 — Yes, January had some confusing moments. Yes, the waters might have been choppy in a few spots. No, January’s pitfalls did NOT deter you in any way from being awesome. Surprise! February is a good vibes kind of month, and you get all the credit. Treat yo-self immediately to some goodies in your pantry, like imported salami and rich, meaty olives on hand to snack on. You are organized, both mentally and around home and office, and the rules and guidelines of life will be working in your favor for once. Later in the month, you’ll receive a boost of energy, which you can channel into home life, work life, and social life equally. Keep the energy on the up and up! Cook healthy, snack healthier, and visit the hottest new spots in town with a friend or two. If your personal life is a little complex, albeit rewarding, balance yourself by scheduling some alone time. If you’ve never treated yourself to a solo movie, or taken yourself out to a lunch date on the weekend, then hook it up and enjoy every second. You might just be the love of your life.

“It is astonishing how little one feels alone when one loves.” – John Bulwer


PISCES Feb 19 – March 20 — Welcome to February. Things might get a little fishy around here, but that’s nothing you can’t handle, Pisces. Maybe we’ll have some communication troubles or a missed opportunity here and there, but this is a month for getting your way the RIGHT way. You’re assertive, diplomatic, and proactive —what CAN’T you do? Convince yourself that there’s no problem that can’t be solved over a great bottle of wine or plate of cheese, but if you’re feeling self-indulgent, who are we to judge you for keeping it all to yourself? You need to prioritize, though, and you should start with a well-stocked kitchen so that meals are the last thing you have to worry about. No need to keep it mundane, and remember to intelligently indulge this month! When it comes to Saint Valentine and hearts and chocolates, stick to an onward and upward mantra. Don’t fall into old relationships because they’re familiar— remind yourself of this by rediscovering your surroundings and trying new cafes and restaurants around town. Maybe take someone new along with you, and just keep swimming upstream.

“Love is the greatest refreshment in life.” – Pablo Picasso


ARIES Mar 21 – Apr 19 — Happy February! We all know that this month is prone to Cupid’s famous arrows, but just be wary that the arrows of everyday life don’t stick in your craw. You know you should be brushing off the small stuff, but this month those things are going to demand a little more attention! In order to deal with the details, make sure you’re snacking properly to keep energy and focus on a steady path—dried figs with a couple ounces of blue cheese will turn any frown upside down. Keep Marcona almonds and candied nuts close-at-hand, because snacking with a flash of indulgence will quickly put possible feelings of insecurity to bed. Also, this is your month to connect with your buds over Boy’s Night In or Girl’s Night Out. Either way, host an appetizer session and wow everyone with cheese pairings, miniature quiches, Swedish meatballs, and other delightful dishes to bond over. Keep an eye out for all-natural products and organic production, though—you’ll appreciate the long-term health benefits.

“Love unlocks doors and opens windows that weren’t even there before.”
– Mignon McLaughlin


TAURUS Apr 20 – May 20 — Feeling restless, are we, Taurus? You’re entering February with a desire to shake things up, and we salute your urgings! Get wild in the kitchen with new recipes, and ask friends to share their favorite food blogs or magazines with you. We also recommend salads to bring to work—all of your favorite dry salad ingredients inside, and a splash of dressing when you’re ready to eat. Then shake, shake, shake, and enjoy a desk-worthy meal. Careful when it comes to speaking your mind, though, because it’ll be hard to hold your tongue this month. When in doubt, grab something small and sweet to occupy your taste buds, like chocolate-covered pretzels or a rich, irresistible brownie. The boost of sugar will brighten your mood (and a mouthful might possibly keep you from saying things you might regret). When it comes to your Valentine-related pursuits, keep an open mind and don’t set expectations that are too high. Instead of planning a night out with all the romantic trimmings, keep it simple with a rustic pasta meal and a side of herbed, roasted veggies. Let your favorite companion pick the wine, and get ready to K.I.S.S…

“Love would never be a promise of a rose garden unless it is showered with light of faith, water of sincerity and air of passion.” – Author Unknown


GEMINI May 21 – June 20 — This month is gonna be good, my friend, and your stellar vibes are overflowing. They’ll be helpful, too, if you’re called upon to use your persuasiveness to resolve differences between the people around you. Play mediator and take surrounding conflicts out for lunch. A sandwich might just be the perfect metaphor for how a group of different flavors make a beautiful team when working together! If that’s not cheesy enough for you, you might be susceptible to impulses and temptation this month. Instead of reaching for ice cream or a third slice of pizza, fill your belly with a protein-packed punch of cheese, charcuterie, and raw nuts. As far as romance goes, your extra dose of zest for life will carry over into the love sector—you might run into someone from your past, and an unexpected relationship may blossom. Speaking of old loves, dig out your favorite baking recipes and reconnect with your oven. Who knows, a batch of chocolate chip cookies could be the perfect way to tell your Valentine how sweet he or she is to you.

“Anyone can be passionate, but it takes real lovers to be silly.” – Rose Franken


CANCER June 21 – July 22 — Get ready for the possibility of moral dilemmas or some judgement calls this month. This doesn’t mean debating over who to give a Valentine to, necessarily, but keep an eye out for moral and ethical decisions headed your way. To stay on the straight and narrow inside and out, double check the food labels on grocery shopping trips and look for sustainably sourced products. Steer clear of pesticides and go non-GMO for the month, and if you have trouble sticking to your guns, grab an environmentally aware friend to call when things get rocky. You’ll also feel an intense desire this month to expand your horizons and try new things. Start by mixing up your breakfast routine with local yogurt and fruit from an obliging farmer’s market, or learn how to make your own bread from scratch! Also, you effervescent lovebird, make sure to accept any and all party invites that come your way. You’re the belle of the ball this month—keep your skin glowing and your attitude up with high-quality olive oil and healthy fats, like avocado and salmon.

“Loving is not just looking at each other, it’s looking in the same direction.” 
– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


LEO July 23 – Aug 22 — Vive le revolución, Lions and Lionesses of February! You want to throw out the rule book—nay, you NEED to throw out the rule book, and if you do it diplomatically enough, you just might win all of your February battles. Gear up for the fight by protein-loading in a decadent way. What Leo doesn’t love a good lamb steak or a meaty portobello mushroom with sun-dried tomatoes and goat cheese? Just watch it on the bossy tendencies, especially with those close to you. Yep, you can come across strong, but if accidental alienation occurs, remember your charming side and apologize quickly and sincerely. A small token of appreciation, like a jar of special honey or fruit preserves, will remind everyone how sweet you can be. As for the lovey-dovey stuff swirling about, stick to what you do best by injecting adventure, excitement, and spontaneity into your relationships! A surprise wine-tasting, a themed dinner party, or a romantic blind cheese tasting for two is the way to feed all of your appetites.

“We loved with a love that was more than love.” – Edgar Allan Poe


VIRGO Aug 23 – Sept 22 — Helloooo Virgo—you’re handling 2016 like a pro so far, and you’ll keep picking up steam as February opens. Keep an eye out for all things news this month, and let the cultural, political, and technological tides keep pace with you, as your interests will be directly affected. If you’re near the cheese counter, strike up a conversation with the cheesemongers about the newest additions to the cave and try a few samples that come up in the dialogue. A sure way to accomplish all your goals is to stay energized, so make good use of leafy greens and vitamin C-loaded fruits, and make every meal a balanced one. There are Cupids circling above you, of course, but don’t get carried away. Coffee dates are fun, casual, and a go-with-the-flow situation. Up the ante by french pressing your own beans and bringing some gourmet biscotti to a snowy park bench. You love to help out, too, so play up your good listening skills and try to keep your focus on the ones you love.

“Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart.” – Author Unknown


LIBRA Sept 23 – Oct 22 — It’s go-time, Libra, and you’ll be thinking on your feet like the mental juggler that you are in this circus called February. Now is the time for writing things down and keeping track of your to-dos, and mental clarity is key. Focus on foods to keep your mind sharp, which could be anything from cauliflower, sunflower seeds, cantaloupe, and sweet potatoes. In your powerhouse mode, you might be sending signals of indifference to those close to you, and avoid actions that might be taken as a “brush-off” technique. While you’re writing things down, go ahead and pre-plan some long lunches, late dinners, or relaxing brunches with friends or family. Let’s talk matters of the heart, too—you’re an initiator, and it’s up to you to take the lead. Think outside the box for date night this month, and ditch the usual dinner date for a cooking class, or an attempt at teaming up to create an exotic dish you’ve never tried before. You’ll find that learning activities will increase your relationships on a deeper level. Oh, and don’t skimp on strawberries and champagne as a surprise midnight snack!

“We’re all a little weird. And life is a little weird. And when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall into mutually satisfying weirdness — and call it love — true love.”  – Robert Fulghum


SCORPIO Oct 23 – Nov 21 — Ah, Scorpion, you have much to learn from the month between January and March… Your actions and reactions this month will be a true reflection of your well-being, and you should err on the side of self-confidence! Pull out your ebullient characteristics and WOW the world by throwing an Eat With Your Hands Happy Hour (or even something moderately less wordy by name). If the bad juju lurking decides to surface, watch out for boastful tendencies or the urge to push the limits to prove a point. Humble pie may not be edible, but focusing on a cleanse could re-direct any insecurity, pride, or envy into a healthy activity. Try juicing, for example, or eat two vegetables with every meal! Go meatless, or cut out sugar—you have the willpower, and your true fulfillment comes from non-material victories. It’ll be an interesting month for your Valentine-related escapades, and whether you’re single or not, expect the unexpected. Take a relationship to a deeper level with a fondue night and a dose of “would you rather” questions. A blend of Gruyere and Swiss is just as melty as your heart this month, as you relax into a more intimate relationship.

“A hundred hearts would be too few
To carry all my love for you.”
– Author Unknown


SAGITTARIUS Nov 22 – Dec 21 — Bada-bing, bada-this month is going to start with a-boom! You’re gonna need some energy to get going in February, so now is a good time to perfect your hard-boiled egg technique or make up a batch of homemade trail mix with dried fruits, nuts, and some cubes of cheddar to keep your inner sun shining. You might be feeling impatient, impulsive, and brutally honest to a fault, and frustration will be knocking on your door. Challenge yourself to create a unique way of handling these feelings, and your resourcefulness shall conquer all. Herbal teas, lavender honey, lean meats, and prepared foods will keep you sane, good buddy, and you’ll leave behind any feelings of restlessness. You have a great capacity for mentoring and teaching others—take a talented co-worker out for Spanish tapas and extend any wisdom you’ve collected through experience. Be the foie gras of leaders, and reward yourself with something equally decadent for your efforts. As for your love forecast, nights in are just as romantic as nights out (if not more so). Cheese plate for two on a blanket on the floor… Homemade sushi with a no-utensils policy… Nutella and banana sandwiches with marshmallow fluff… Wind down and eat up!

“Love is a game that two can play and both win.” – Eva Gabor 


CAPRICORN Dec 22 – Jan 19 — Like good Capricorns, let’s start by talking practically. We’re on a budget for February, and we might have to make some cutbacks. It may sound like a bad thing, but we both know you’re good at this! Indulge in moderation, and look to earthy grains and lots of vegetables to stock your well-organized kitchen. Think streamlining this month, and buy in bulk to save some cash. Oh, and you’d better believe you’ll be cooking at home more than eating out! Time to show off those mad sauté skills. A beautifully plated meal for a special someone will knock off all of the socks. Use that confidence for good, not evil, when at work and with your acquaintances. You’re charming, you Capricorn, you, and in all your romantic endeavors, make sure to prompt yourself to keep an open mind. Surrender control and let your date pick the restaurant for V-day, and instead of traditional roses, surprise a loved one with a gourmet treat collection or a fancy jar of white truffle honey.

“I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach.”

– Elizabeth Barrett Browning