An Abbondanza of Deliciousness!

Ah, the Abbondanza! It means “abundance” in Italian, and “holiday gift shopping made easy” in food enthusiast speak. (Because really, who wants to receive another bulk pack of socks this holiday season?) Not that we’re playing favorites, but it’s hard to ignore the popularity of this box of goodies. How popular is it? Let’s just say if our gift boxes went to high school, the Abbondanza would win Homecoming King. If our gift boxes were a sports team, it would win MVP. If they competed in the Olympics, it would win gold. If—well, you get the picture.

Each box is abundantly chock full of our favorite products and most beloved classics, and delivers one abundant Italian snacking feast, with endless pairing possibilities and flavor combinations that will delight all your senses. Seriously, there’s no wrong way to eat your way through it! Let’s lift the lid and inspect the contents, shall we? Warning: intense snack cravings may occur!

AbbondanzaThere’s a hunk of Aged NY Cheddar, extra aged for some seriously sharp and creamy notes, straight from the state that redefined cheddar. And because we know better than anyone that one cheese is never enough, there’s also a container of our house-made Abbruzze Cheese Spread, as iconic as the Italian Market where it was first sold. Thick and schmear’able, this cheese spread starts with cheddar, and is loaded up with zesty garlic and plenty of red chilies.

Pepper ShootersNeed a little more heat? Of course you do! The Abbondanza includes a jar of our famous Pepper Shooters, fiery, homemade cherry poppers stuffed to the brim with Prosciutto di Parma and Cremosa Provolone. Three main food groups, all bundled up into one spicy, pop-able package! Our Pepper Shooters are great on their own, but even better sliced in half and served atop one of our classic Olive Oil Crostini. There’s a bag in every box, and if you need a mild bite after all that heat, this little cracker is your guy.

Abbondanza Salami

Each crostini is infused with the distinct, rich flavor of extra virgin olive oil, which are then twice-baked for extra crunchiness (no soggy crackers allowed in THIS box!). Think of our crostini as the perfect vessel to enjoy almost everything in the Abbondanza—it can carry a cube of cheddar, a dollop of Abbruzze, or even a slice of our own Sweet Soppressata. Made in the style of traditional Italian salami, our Sweet Soppressata is slowly air-cured for at least 45 days, which means every bite is full of rustic, savory flavors you’d get from a tiny butcher shop in the Italian countryside. Feel free to use slices of soppressata as a mini meat plate, instead of a crostini!
How can we pair it all so far? Let us count the ways! Crostini + cheddar + soppressata = classic triple threat! Crostini + Abbruzze + Pepper Shooter + thinly sliced cheddar on top = fierce and fiery foursome!

Fig & Acacia JamIf you’re more of a sweet tooth, the Abbondanza comes stocked with plenty to please your palate! Our private collection Fig & Acacia Honey Jam is delicious on absolutely everything, and is sweet and delicately floral, with just the right amount of stickiness that clings to cheese so perfectly. It acts as the perfect antidote to a mouthful too many of spicy pepper shooters and Abbruzze spread, but is also great as a glaze for chicken or roast pork! Pair it with the Aged NY Cheddar for a seriously winning combination of sharp and sweet, or save some to spread on your morning muffin.

Black Lava Cashews

Made right here in Philadelphia, these popular Black Lava Cashews are dusted with Hawaiian Black Lava sea salt, which uses charcoal for an exceptional flavor that’s not too sweet and not too salty. Okay, so we’ve said this a lot so far, but these cashews literally go with everything in our entire store! If you can save a few from near-instant consumption, you’ll find they play excellently with sliced cheddar and soppressata.

Bequet Caramels

And if ALL of that wasn’t enough to satiate even the most intense hunger cravings, we throw in a few Bequet Caramels for good measure. Soft, sweet, and oh-so chewy, these little caramels are handmade in Montana, and are the perfect little ‘dessert’ after a hard day of snacking! Man, we’re exhausted just thinking about it, and we haven’t even started eating yet!  ​We’ll close the lid for now, but we know you can’t wait to mangia!