Spicing Up Your Week! — Food News Roundup

1. If you’re a self-proclaimed cheese lover, you better check out this fun list of how cheese has complete control of your life. Let this cheesy, Monday pick-me-up start your work week with some fun! [Bustle]

2. Check out this really cool video from Zagat about their adventure throughout Vermont to find Vermont’s stinkiest cheese! They meet with Tom Bivins, head of the Vermont Cheese Council, and visit “cathedrals of cheese” like the Cellars at Jasper Hill and tasted Oma, Willoughby, and Winnimere, to name a few. They then visited our friends Rachel and Peter (also known as “the Cheese Whisperer”), cheesemakers of Parish Hill Creamery in Putney, VT. There, they tried the stinkiest cheese in Vermont! Find out what it is. [Zagat]

3. Sarah Kaufmann, A.K.A. “The Cheese Lady” carves popular characters out of New York Cheddar! She starts with a 40-pound block of cheese and goes to town. Check out her carving process! [Time Warner Cable News]

4. Danish dairy farmers have been hit hard by the Russian ban on food imports from the European Union and other western nations. With Denmark’s dairy products being 40% of their agricultural exports to Russia, farmers have gone into debt. This has also lead to an increase in grocery costs, overall, in Russia. [Mashable]

5. Holy hot sauce! Hot sauce sales have risen by 150% in the last 15 years. Popular condiments like Sriracha, Gochujang, and Cholula are part of American cuisine and millennials have particularly taken to these delicious sauces as their chief consumers. [Fast Company]