Carefree Summer Cocktails!

There’s no better time to perfect your summer cocktails before fall rolls around the corner! End your summer with a series of colorful, fun, carefree cocktails. These super simple mixes will ensure your next barbecue or beach day is filled with fruity, tangy, and even some spicy deliciousness.

Strawberry Shrub

Try the Tait Farm Strawberry Shrub, mixed with Orange Juice and Champagne for a light and bubbly accompaniment to your next outdoor dinner. Garnish with sliced strawberries or oranges to finish it off, and claim your fame as the greatest dinner host among all of your friends!

Pink & Black

Or, for a unique twist try 2 parts of Owl’s Brew Pink & Black, which is a mixer made with Darjeeling tea, the aroma of hibiscus and sweet flavors of strawberries and tart lemon. Mix it up with white rum, and shake with jalapeño slices….that’s right jalapeño slices. This is a sure way to spice up your next barbecue and blow your guests away!

Lime Shrub

For the perfect tropical beach day drink, try the Tait Farm Lime Shrub, mixed with rum and sparkling water,  garnished with mint and a spritz of lime. Not at the beach? No problem. Transport yourself to white sands and crystal clear water with every sip!

Some of the other fun mixers for the end of your summer include, the White Whale Skinny Dipper (try this one mixed with tequila and garnish with a lemon twist) , White Whale Auntie’s Old Fashioned (combining the unmistakable flavors of Bourbon with rosemary) and Owl’s Brew Classic (mix with fresh, green juice, gin and garnish with thyme for a interesting twist to a classic drink)!

Sip on deliciousness and enjoy the rest of summer!