Meet the Maker: Birchrun Hills Farm

Birchrun Hills Farm, owned by the Miller family is located in Birchrunville, Chester Springs. On their farm, the family produces highly praised handcrafted artisanal raw milk cheeses. The three farm featured cheeses are the Birchrun Blue, Red Cat, and Fat Cat cheeses. Each cheese has its own distinct and delectable flavor. The Birchrun Blue is a delicate semi-soft raw milk cheese, with a light blue flavors which balance perfectly with its rich and creamy tones. The Fat Cat on the other hand offer nutty and earthy tones respectively and is much grassier and sharper in flavor than the Birchrun Blue.

This family is all about farm fresh food. As previously mentioned Birchrun Hills is still owned by Ken and Susan Miller and their sons, Randy and Jesse. “Ken began farming as a teenager and offers over 30 years experience growing crops and raising livestock.” Birchrun Hills has been a successful dairy farm since 1981, and has been selling cheese since 2006, along with raising whey-fed and grass-fed pork and veal. Birchrun Hills Farms and the Miller family place a great importance on conversation and the production of fresh organic foods. To do so they heavily promote the growth of organic matter and place a great emphasis on building soil fertility.