1732 Bacon, The Cure, and All Things Pig

by Leslie Uhl, CCP

Bacon.  The figurehead of cured meats!  How beautiful you are, my friend.  Using the out-of-this-world flavors from 1732 Meats, to which I have a strange attraction, I’ve spent more than seventeen seconds (closer to a thousand hours) coming up with a labyrinth of ways to make you homesick for the bacon in your house.  The reasons why?  I have no doubt your life would come to a grinding halt without it.  I’ll sleep when I’m dead, but (not to wish impossible things) all I want is to share my secrets, my untitled love song for this treasure… This.  Here and now.  With you:

1.     Crisp a few slices of 1732 Jalapeno bacon (I made some this morning!) to cut up and put in your homemade guacamole.  If you’ve never made your own guac, it’s super easy, but you can always use pre-made.  Add crumbled goat cheese on top for a real wow-factor, it’ll be gone faster than you can say “meat hook.”

2.     Dice up some cubes of 1732 Smoked Paprika bacon, which I keep close to me at all times, fry them up real good, and toss in with a cool potato salad.  Sprinkle some extra paprika on top of the whole dish to really create some food pornography.

3.     Weave together 4 half pieces of 1732 Black Peppercorn bacon to make a square and place on a wire rack.  Turn your oven to a low broil and cook until bacon is a crispy, unified block.  Place on top of burgers for the ultimate bacon-in-every-bite experience.


4.     Fry up some 1732 Garlic Insanity bacon in a sauté pan until the fat is at the point of disintegration.  Remove the bacon, and one at a time, fry corn tortillas in the garlic bacon grease.  When golden brown and chip-like on both sides, drain on a paper towel and top with cold shredded chicken, tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella for a light, fresh garlic tostada.  Crumble the bacon on top, of course!  I want.

5.     Take thinly sliced pieces of 1732 Pancetta and place on a baking sheet.  Cook in the oven at 350 degrees (hot hot hot!), and keep a close eye on them until they turn into crispy pancetta “chips”.  Remove and dry on paper towels, then top with blue cheese and dulce de leche sauce for a sweet and salty snack.

6.     Ditch the pasta salad and make a bacon salad!  Fry pieces of ALL the 1732 bacon flavors (so what?!), and drain well on paper towels.  When dry and crisp, evenly chop into ½ inch pieces and combine in a bowl with fresh corn, chopped tomatoes, diced avocado, chopped hard-boiled eggs, cilantro, cracked pepper, and sea salt.  Serve over lettuce or plop on a grilled chicken breast, but the promise here is that this will taste just like heaven.

When you try all of these—there is no if—be sure to snap a picture and post on social media with the tags @dibrunobros and @1732meats.  I have faith that it would be the end of the world if we were to torture ourselves out of bacon!

Also, bonus points if you find all 39 song titles by The Cure in this post.  (It’s over, I promise!)