Chew on This! — Food News Roundup

1. Swiss troops have stormed over the border into France, causing an outcry among local French officials. Why? For cheese. Well, for the cows at least. A recent heat wave affecting a large part of Western Europe has caused temperatures to soar up to the high 80s for several weeks. This sudden rise has caused the infamous Alpine cheese-producing cows to experience dehydration. Thus, causing the Swiss troops to head on over to France to tap into their water sources. Although the Swiss did apparently ask for permission, miscommunication between the French Air Force and local officials caused a disconnect leading to outrage. In the end, the Swiss did apologize and the cows are now supplied with enough water to continue comfortable cheese production! [Smithsonian Magazine]

2. Did you know that your burgers might be harming the planet more than driving a car? Good thing scientists are now coming up with a solution to lower the carbon footprint of feeding cattle. Researchers from Iowa State University are exploring a shift in the cattle’s diet from traditional feed to algae. “After the oil extraction process, the algae residue includes some fat, fiber, and protein, all essential nutrients for cattle,” says Stephanie Hansen, an associate professor of “beef feedlot nutrition” at the University. The process and resources needed for growing grains to turn into feed comes with a lot of climate emission and just a whole lot of stuff that is extremely harmful to our planet! This shift would be instrumental in lowering the negative impact modern cattle farming has on our planet, overall it would just be really awesome! [Fast Company]

3. The FDA is seeking information about cheese made from unpasteurized milk due to rising concern about the health risks that accompany consuming such cheese. Though there is a lot of research circulating about the risks and facts regarding the use of unpasteurized milk in cheese production, the lack of clarity surrounded the research is leading to continued questions and precautions enacted by the FDA. [Food Quality News]

4. The best cheese in America, deemed by the American Cheese Society is…well it’s Canadian! Celtic Blue Reserve, from Glengarry Fine Cheese in Ontario, was crowned “Best of Show” at last week’s competition in Providence, held by the ACS. “This is not only for me but for Canada,” said Margaret Peters-Morris of Glengarry in a statement. “This win is very important for the Canadian dairy industry. We have the confidence, and we can do this as well as anybody.” This is huge for Canada, as they make a huge splash into the cheese industry with their notable win. Congratulations! [Los Angeles Times]