Di Bruno Bros. VP Honored by Guilde Internationale des Fromagers

At the 2015 American Cheese Society conference, cheesemakers and other industry professionals that are members of the Guilde Internationale des Fromagers met together to induct new members to their organization. Our Vice President of Culinary Pioneering, Emilio Mignucci, was honored at the ceremony and inducted into the Guilde with the Garde et Juré rank (guard and judge).

What the Guilde Does:

As a non-profit organization, La Guilde Internationale des Fromagers exists to network professionals in the cheese industry, as they  educate each other, and serve as a resource for those pursuing cheese knowledge. The Guild is combined with La Confrérie de St. Uguzon organization, which purpose is to transmit knowledge through cheese companionship. Created in 1969, the Guild has amassed over 5,600 members in 2010 all around the world.

Why Is it A Big Deal?

The Guilde Internationale des Fromagers and Confrerie of Saint-Uguzon was created in 1969 in Dijon, France by Mr. Pierre Androuët, a cheesemaker, epicurean and intellectual with a degree in fine arts. The Guilde, for dairy professionals who were dedicated to preserving standards in cheesemaking throughout the world, and the Confrerie, for cheese aficionados and experts such as chefs, restaurateurs, food scientists and food journalists whose objective was to share their knowledge and the knowledge of the cheese makers. The Guilde is active all over Europe and internationally in 33 countries.

Guilde ACS 2015

Congrats, Emilio!