Extra, Extra! Cheese All About It! – Cheese News Roundup

Here’s a selection of recent happenings that we’ve handpicked for you this week. Stay tuned for more enlightening cheese news!

1. Parmigiano is used as collateral for banking in Italy. Yes, you read that correctly! The Italian regional bank, Credito Emiliano takes Parmigiano as collateral for loans. They’ve been helping finance cheesemakers since the recession in World War II. Their refrigerated warehouses currently hold approximately 440,000 wheels of cheese or approximately $187.5 million worth of cheese!  [New York Times]

2. The word cheesecake gets a whole new meaning: wedding cakes made of…cheese wheels? This new trend is popping up everywhere. This is one we can certainly get behind. [Cheese Market News]

3. Scientists uncover the mystery behind the decrease of holes in Swiss cheese! It all comes down to hay. Cleaner cheesemaking facilities don’t allow for wayward particles to reach the cheeses being made, as they used to use the traditional milking method with a bucket, where hay used to sneak in. Now, milk just proceeds straight from the animal to a filter, hence not as many holes. Science! [Huffington Post]

4. Connecticut gets really cheesy with a boost in local cheesemaking. [New York Times]

5. A decline in raw milk cheeses in Wisconsin. [Cheese Underground]