Meet the Maker: Pedrozo Dairy

Sacramento Valley’s Finest Farmstead Cheese

Third generation dairy farmer Tim Pedrozo and his wife Jill pride themselves in their commitment to sustainable agriculture and responsible stewardship in regards to cheesemaking. Since 1996 they have developed a distinct style, encompassing all of the elements of a true California original cheese. From their family farm in the Sacramento Valley town of Orland, they provide us with rich and robust selections of cheeses made from Holstein and Jersey cows with year-round access to graze on natural grass. The purity of the cheeses shine through in every single one of their selections.


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Featuring ten unique and delicious cheeses, the Pedrozos aim to “inspire a vision of premier, ecological, heritage farming through a sustainable, family-run grass-fed dairy and cheese operation”. The Pedrozos are known for their variety of distinct cheeses. These include Blondie’s Best and Tipsy Cow.

Blondie’s Best

Blondie's Best

Blondie’s Best; one of the Pedrozo’s signature cheeses offers a mild undertone with sweet and tangy components. Named after the cow who made the first batch of their cheeses, this is undoubtedly a classic treat.

Tipsy Cow

Tipsy Cow

Tipsy Cow is washed in Mount Tehama’s Petite Sirah giving it a rich purple rind and a unforgettable fruity spice flavor. This cheese is a unique gem, and undoubtedly an unforgettable experience.

Catch these delicious cheeses on our website or check to see if your local Di Bruno Bros. has stock!