MEET CHEESE MASTERS at The Legends Series World Tour, June 25

With words from Tenaya Darlington, author of “Di Bruno Bros. House of Cheese.”

The Legend Series: World Tour will be an experience of a lifetime. With a lineup including José Luis Martin, Giorgio Cravero, Phillipe Goux, Betty Koster, Todd and Maugan Threthowan and Stacey Hedges, none of your questions will go unanswered. Additionally, special appearances by Herb Eckhouse of La Quercia cured meats, Marc Vetri of  Vetri Family Restaurants, and Brooklyn Brewery will provide you with a belly full of food and drinks to complement your night of invaluable learning.

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Meet These Cheese Legends

Giorgio Cravero, The King of Parmigiano Reggiano

Since 1855, Giorgio Cravero’s family has selected and matured Parmigiano-Reggiano in Bra, Italy. He works directly with a handful of farmstead cheesemakers who rely exclusively on local forage, an increasingly rare phenomenon among Parmigiano-Reggiano makers. The wheels mature for a year at each farm, then Giorgio moves them to his aging rooms in Bra and carefully oversees their development for another year or more. His aging rooms and his care are legendary.

Philippe Goux, A Comté Mastermind

For over two decades, Philippe Goux has worked with Marcel Petite, France’s leading Comté affineur (a person who oversees the aging of cheese). From his home in Eastern France, Philippe has led hundreds of cheesemongers and makers through the details of making and aging the legendary 80-lb. wheels of Comté at Fort St. Antoine, the cellars where France’s best Comté is aged. The Fort, a military stronghold built into a hillside, is attended by a legion of affineurs in white lab coats who oversee the wheels.

Betty Koster, The Powerhouse Behind L’Amuse Gouda

In 1989, Betty Koster founded Fromagerie L’Amuse with her husband Martin. Their shops in Santpoord-Noord and Amsterdam feature rare, small-production Dutch gems like Wilde Weide and the unusual goat gouda, Brabander. Betty’s long-term connections to Dutch farmers, cheesemakers, and affineurs have given her access to an unparalleled range of cheeses. She exports a handful to America, including her signature two-year warm-cellar-aged Gouda L’Amuse.

José Luis Martín, The Craftsman Behind Manchego 1605

Since 1996, José Luis Martin has been a writer, teacher, and advisor to cheesemakers and mongers throughout Spain. Pictured above is José Luis deep in thought, set to perfect his next wheel of Manchego! Prior to that, he spent two decades making award-winning farmstead organic goat cheese from his own herd in his native Extremadura. He operates a renowned shop, La Fromagerie, in Madrid’s San Miguel. He also works closely with the farm and maker at Sierra de la Solana Farm in La Mancha who produces one of only three raw-milk, farmstead Manchegos in all of Spain. His Manchego 1605 is exceptional.