3 Cheesy Ways to Satisfy A Snack Attack

Summer is the perfect time to master the art of snacking. This collection of “Snack Attack” pairings will change the meaning of snacking forever. Cheeses paired with everything from our Dulce de Leche Crunchy Corn to Espresso Beans and even habanero pepper will make you wonder why you ever settled for plastic bags full of plain, old chips.

The Sweetest Bite


The first pairing is the perfect soulmate for those with a sweet tooth. A  chunk of Nylander Gouda paired perfectly with Tishbi Cherry Shiraz Preserves and Dulce de Leche Crunchy Corn makes for a delectable balance of sweet and subtle. The creamy and saltiness of the Gouda complements the tanginess of the cherries, only to be heightened ever so slightly by the sprinkle of sweetness provided by the Dulce de Leche Crunchy Corn.

You Got That Zing


We all know the coffee lovers in our lives, and this pairing might just be their match made in heaven. The instantly recognizable saltiness of Cravero Parmigiano Reggiano is decorated beautifully with the crunch and richness of Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans. Topped off by Il Colle del Gusto hazelnut spread with undertones of olive oil. It doesn’t get more exquisitely delicious than that!

Spicy Sweet Eats


This third pairing is sure to blow your mind. It’s the greatest plot twist of all time. You sink into the harmonious combination of Blondie’s Best cheese, paired with the calm sweet tones of honey and Turkish Apricots, only to be jolted awake by the dash of habanero sprinkled on top of this delicious masterpiece. It is bound to be an experience you will never forget!
So spend this summer perfecting your snacking skills with these three mouth-watering pairings, and don’t be afraid to stray the path and experiment with combinations of your own!