Spice It Up This Father’s Day!

There is nothing better in this world than meat, cheese and spices. So why not combine them all?

Celebrate this Father’s Day by giving your dad the world’s most amazing, remarkable and mouth-watering combination. With everything from spicy pickles to spicy cheese and spreadable salami called Nduja. Yes, we said spreadable salami. Spicy meat spread. This is real.

This is no ordinary basket. It is a basket of perfection. Everything from the Brooklyn Brine Damn Spicy Pickles to our Hot Chili Pepper Crostini Crackers and Abbruzze Cheese Spread scream spicy goodness. And thats not even all. You can’t forget about the A&B Heat Pepper Sauce and Renard’s Sriracha Cheddar. A perfect selection for the ultimate spicy meal, or individual pairings if your cravings just can’t wait.

This will certainly be a gift worthy of the kings, because lets face it that is what your father is for the day. >> So pick up your Spicy Basket << and claim your worthy position of favorite child.