Grilled Cheese Recipe: The Jalapeño Business

It’s not only what you’d call a nosey pepper, but a Sandwich Conquistador of epic proportions.  Remember how tacos are the best thing ever?  Say “hola” to the grilled cheese version.  Double the queso, pump up the heat, and throw some bacon on it, esse.  Let’s take this grilled cheese party south of the border.

Instructions for making one sandwich (no sharing allowed):

1.       Begin by cooking 5 strips of Jalapeño bacon until crispy.

2.       Eat 3 slices immediately and with childlike abandon, and reserve 2 for sandwich.  (Make more bacon if your willpower fails you and you eat all 5 slices.  Repeat if necessary.)

3.       Butter 2 sourdough bread slices within an inch of their lives.

4.       On one slice, cover in chunks of fresh Oaxaca Cheese (or use Mozzarella).

5.       Cover other slice with crumbled Queso Leonora.

6.       Place both slices into a pre-heated over set to high broil.

7.       Drool as you watch bread turn golden brown and as the cheese melts and bubbles.

8.       Wipe up drool, get ahold of yourself.

9.       Remove from oven (use oven mitts, please) and add crispy bacon, a generous spoonful of pico de gallo, and drizzle with Valentina hot sauce.

10.   Smoosh both halves together, sprinkle with cilantro and go to town.  Keep your “yummy sounds” to an acceptable decibel level, and use copious amounts of napkins as needed.

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