Grilled Cheese Recipe: The Pretzel Wit’

Pictured above: The Pretzel Wit’. A wine and cheese match made in heaven.

There’s nothing like a pretzel roll. And if you’re a wine lover, you’ll totally dig Tishbi’s Onion Cabernet jam. Add some Challerhocker cheese and some crunchy onions, and boy, are you in business!

Instructions for one griller:

1.       Slice your pretzel bun in half and apply butter to each side.

2.       Get a 1/4 lb. of Challerhocker cheese (or more if you want to share with friends and family). Slice a few pieces for yourself, then make two nice slices for your griller.

3.       Place your slices of Challerhocker on top of each slice of your buttered pretzel roll. Slice an onion into rings for a zingy crunch; put the onions aside for later.

4.       Place both slices into a pre-heated over set to high broil.

5.       After you’re done drooling, check to make sure the cheese is beautiful, bubbly, and melting. Take it out from the oven (use mitts, please!).

6.      Spread a generous dollop of Tishbi Onion Cabernet jam on top, and lay down your onion rings.

7.     Put both halves together and go for it.  This is your time to shine, grilled cheese style.

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