Grilled Cheese Recipe: The Inside-Out

Pictured above: The Inside-Out. A cheese on cheese dream. 

You like cheese on your cheese, you say? This one is right up your alley. Forget the bread—this is fine, fried halloumi we’re talking about here. Using two glorious slices, the fried Mortadella and tomato gets a big cheesy, Halloumi hug. And a healthy slather of Dijon is all you need to finish off this cheesy dream. Cheese on!


1.       If your halloumi is really thick, slice it so it is about a quarter of an inch in thickness. Make sure to flip each slice so that it is lightly browned, a lil’ melty, and glorious.

2.       Start to fry your tomato slice and mortadella separately, so that it can join up with the halloumi when it’s all cooked through.

3.       Once your halloumi is visibly in a state of glorious melty, golden brown, remove from heat and slather an end with as much Dijon as you like (shout out to those condiment lovers out there)!

4.       Stack the fried tomato and mortadella on top.

5.       Finish your masterpiece by placing the crowning halloumi on top.

6.       Voila! Your cheese on cheese creation is ready to be devoured.

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