Grilled Cheese Recipe: The Corn & Bread

Pictured above: The Corn & Bread. A beauteous Midwestern bite. 

Midwestern born and Midwestern raised, this grilled cheese concoction is straight outta’ comfort food dreams.  Slathered in “buttah” and filled with Wisconsin Cranberry-Jalapeno Jack from Renard’s Cheese, this naughty piece of goodness gets some ‘Merican green apple slices for a kick of freshness and a healthy dose of apple-pepper jelly to seal the deal.  Call us grilled cheese heads, but anyone who wouldn’t want to eat this just doesn’t know Jack!


1.       Begin by slicing 5 thin pieces of apple.

2.       Butter 2 corn bread slices, lovingly, of course.

3.       On one slice, cover in chunks of cranberry-jalapeño jack from Wisconsin.

4.       Cover other slice with more cheese to boot (when is there ever enough cheese?).

5.       Place both slices into a pre-heated oven set to high broil.

6.       It’s cheese meltin’ time! Watch as it bubbles beautifully.

7.       Remove from oven (use oven mitts, please) and add apple slices, a generous spoonful of apple-pepper jelly.

8.       Place both halves together and prepare to enjoy this Midwestern sandwich with plenty of, “Mmms!”

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