April is National Grilled Cheese Month!

Pictured above: The “Porchetta ‘Bout It!”—our April grilled cheese feature, available at our Franklin, Rittenhouse, Comcast, and Ardmore locations.

April is National Grilled Cheese Month, and we are celebrating in full force! Our mongers have put their heads together and created their five favorite grilled cheese recipes, which are made with some of our favorite cheeses. All ingredients are available at in person at our stores.

Grilled Cheese InfographicRecipes include:

Jalapeño Business:  Queso Oaxaca and Queso Leonora on buttered sourdough with 1732 Meats’ jalapeño bacon and pico de gallo, grilled and drizzled with Valentina hot sauce.

A Pretzel Wit’ Grilled Cheese:  Challerhocker cheese with Tishbi onion-Cabernet jam on a pretzel roll.

“Inside-Out” Grilled Cheese:  fried mortadella and tomato slathered in Dijon and sandwiched between a split, grilled piece of Halloumi instead of bread.

Corn and Bread:  Renard’s cranberry-jalapeño jack cheese from Wisconsin with apple slices and apple-pepper jelly on cornbread.

Mobster’s Delight:  Moliterno al Tartufo with roasted red peppers and Roman artichoke hearts on ciabatta bread.

Our team of “curd nerds” are available all month long to chat about grilled cheese! Want to learn about some killer grilled cheese ingredients? Special grilling tips? Stop by anytime this month for a quick chat about all things grilled cheese. We’ll help you turn your griller into more than just a good meal, but a work of art!


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