Jam Out with Blake Hill Pairings!

Sourcing most of their fruit in-season from local farms, third-generation preserve makers from Blake Hill produce a stunning line of traditionally made, creatively concocted fruit preserves in the tiny village of Grafton in Southern Vermont. Slow-cooked with no artificial preserves, we’re jamming out to Blake Hill with every flavor.

Meet the Spreads

Andalucian Apricot & Orange Chutney

Apricot & Orange

Pair these Apricot & Orange preserve with a nutty Manchego cheese, fish, or duck.

Raspberry, Chipotle, & Cocoa Conserve

Raspberry, Chipotle, & Cocoa

Pair these Raspberry, Chipotle, & Cocoa conserves with a creamy goat cheese or camembert.

Orange, Lime, & Ginger Marmalades

Orange, Lime, & Ginger

Use as a glaze on halibut or cod for a delicious dinner. Find this variety in our retail stores.

Raspberry & Hibiscus Preserves

Raspberry Hibiscus

Pair with a creamy goat cheese or asiago.

Orange & Bourbon Whiskey Marmalades

Orange Bourbon Whiskey

Serve this with an artisanal blue cheese or on roast duck for a delicious kick!