Cheese FAQ: What is “After Hours”?

Cheese FAQ: What is ‘After Hours’?

Imagine if you could be let loose in our 9th Street location (yep, the one that Anthony Bourdain called “a temple of awesomeness and delight”) to eat and drink as you please. It’s well into the evening, the shop’s closed, and the place is all yours. There can be up to eight of you, though more can be accommodated by special request and for an additional fee. You’ll be served a slew of courses of small bites made right behind the counter: perfect pairings and crazy combos of our favorite products. You’ll have two of our best mongers to cater to your every gastronomic whim, and answer all your burning questions about everything you’re tasting. You’ll also have carte blanche to sample anything else in the store that catches your eye. (Yes, anything.) You’ll be able to bring your own bottles, and we’ll keep the register open for you to purchase your favorite products of the night. Oh yes—and you definitely won’t leave hungry.

“After Hours” parties are one of our most popular offerings, and dates book up months in advance. We’ve celebrated birthdays and anniversaries, hosted corporate networking events, and entertained groups of friends looking for a unique night out. To find out more, or to book a date, email or call 215-922-2876.