Cheese FAQ — How Do You Ship Cheese?

Cheese FAQ: How Do You Ship Cheese? and Best Practices

You may be wondering—what happens when you place an order on our website? How do we make sure the cheese arrives at your doorstep in the best possible shape? Here’s what happens behind the scenes:

1) When you order cheese from our online store, we process your order within 1 business day.

2) We vacuum seal all individual, pre-cut pieces of cheese.  Whole, small format wheels—such as Epoisses and Camembert—will be shipped in their original packaging. (For example, if they are already packed in their own wooden boxes.) This also helps protect the soft cheeses from getting squashed!

3) Frozen gel packs will be added to the package to keep the cheese cool during transit.

4) We use FedEx to ship all our packages, and you have the option of several shipping speeds. For time-sensitive orders, we recommend choosing one of the faster shipping options: Overnight or 2 Day. Please note that we cannot guarantee a delivery date if you select Ground Shipping.

5) Seasonal considerations: It’s a good idea to take the seasons and ambient temperature into account when selecting a shipping speed. The slower Ground Shipping might be a better option in the colder months, especially for harder, more aged cheeses. In the summer, 2 Day or Overnight shipping could be safer, since any delay in Ground Shipping might expose the cheese to the possibility of deterioration through prolonged heat exposure.

If you’ve bought cheese at one of our stores, and would like to ship it to a friend, we recommend taking similar precautions: vacuum seal or tightly wrap hard cheeses in wax paper, protect soft cheeses with a non-bendable box, include gel packs in the package, and choose a fast shipping speed!