Worth Its Salt! — How to Use Our Favorite Seasoning

Salt is the foundation of flavor, and a great quality salt will amplify and add complexity to any sweet or savory dish you serve.

But all salt is not created equal. In short, there are two main kinds of salt: rock salt and sea salt. Mine or rock salt comes from underground salt deposits, believed to be from ancient seas that have since dried up. This type of salt is commercially produced on a large scale, highly processed, extracted using intensive industrial methods, and contains various additives. On the flipside is the more mineral-rich and flavorful sea salt— which as the name suggests, is extracted from salt water by traditional time and labor-intensive methods.

Harvesting sea salt is a time-honored art, and, just like wine or cheese, a good sea salt can express the terroir of its sea of origin in a spectrum of tastes beyond just “salty”. It is these special salts that our culinary pioneers seek out for our stores. All the artisan sea salts we carry have been chosen for their careful harvesting methods and unique flavor profiles. Try them out with some of our favorite ways to use them:

1. Add some oomph to Salted Caramel Sauce or Shortbread Cookies with a pinch of:

Jacobsen Salt Co. — Stumptown Coffee Flake Salt

Carefully harvested off the coast of Oregon, newcomer Jacobson Salt Co’s pure sea salts are gaining a reputation among chefs for their superior taste, texture, & appearance. Infused with Hairbender Blend beans from fellow Oregonians Stumptown Coffee Roasters.

2. To enhance & intensify a big, juicy Steak, use:

Jacobsen Salt Co. — Oregon Pinot Noir Salt

Infused with Pinot Noir from Oregon’s Willamette Valley, this salt is excellent on everything you’d enjoy with a glass of Pinot!

3. Grilling Fish Roasting Potatoes? Finish with:

Maldon — Sea Salt Flakes

Harvested along the Essex coast in England, where salt production dates back to ancient times, Maldon salt is prized for its clean, fresh flavor and softer texture.

4. For dipping with Bread & Olive Oil or sprinkling on top of Butter, try:

Photo: One Tribe Gourmet Blog

Esprit du Sel — Fleur de Sel

Classic French sea salt, collected by hand. These delicate and aromatic “flower of salt” crystals live up to their name!

5. Need the perfect drink rimmer to make your cocktails pop? We love:

Himalania — Fine Pink Salt

Himalayan Sea Salt’s pink hue comes from its high iron content. We use this salt any time we want to add a stunning visual element to our dishes!

You can find these salts at all our stores. Pick up a few and let us know what you do with them!