12 Days of Pairings — Burrata, Sicilian Olive Oil, & Sea Salt

The Eleventh Day of Pairings — Burrata, Sicilian Olive Oil, & Sea Salt

Today’s pairing is a classic in its simplicity — just a fresh burrata, a great olive oil, and a sprinkle of good sea salt!

Burrata is a fresh cheese that, along with mozzarella, provolone, and caciocavallo, belong to the pasta filata (or stretched curd) family of cheeses. An amped-up version of your standard mozzarella ball, this cheese originated around 1900 in Puglia, southern Italy. It’s shaped like a purse and typically filled with cream and stracciatella (shredded mozzarella curd). Some say it was invented to make use of leftover curd from the previous day’s mozzarella making. Either way, it’s completely delicious!

We’ve been making our own burrata at Di Bruno Bros. for quite a few years now, and it’s a favorite of both customers and mongers alike! Our handmade burrata follows a traditional recipe, with a soft chewy curd nestled in lightly whipped cream, all bundled in a milky mozzarella shell. For a simple yet transcendent experience, drizzle each burrata pouch with our unfiltered Extra Virgin Sicilian olive oil and finish with a flaky sea salt. The grassy, nutty notes and fruity finish of the oil brightens the lactic sweetness of the burrata, while the savory salt ties everything together for one mouthwatering package. So if all the holiday excess has you overwhelmed, take it down a notch with this combo. Perfect as a shared appetizer, or a quick lunch with crusty bread and a light green salad!

Sample this classic Di Bruno pairing at our Franklin location from 2pm — 6pm on Tuesday December 23.

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