12 Days of Pairings — Petit Vaccarinus & Pork Rillettes

The Ninth Day of Pairings – Petit Vaccarinus & Pork Rillettes

For our Ninth Day of Pairings, we’re taking inspiration from the Alps! Made in Switzerland, Petit Vaccarinus is a smaller version of the much-loved Vacherin Mont d’Or. Like its larger cousin, it’s made between October and March, from what is known as ‘hay milk’ — i.e., winter milk from cows fed on hay instead of grass. As such, this cheese is only available in the colder winter months, and traditionally enjoyed as part of a fireside meal or a holiday feast!

         Photo credit: Madrasbala.com

With vegetal, woodsy aromas and a touch of sweetness in the flavor, this little washed rind packs a funky punch. To contain the silken, runny paste within, each wheel is bound by a band of spruce bark and packaged in its own individual wooden box. In fact, one classic way to enjoy this cheese is to put the entire box in the oven, baking it until it warms through and gets even runnier!

We’ve paired Petit Vaccarinus with Pork Rillettes, a luscious French delicacy from our charcuterie counter. Made by slow-cooking pork then blending it with fat until it becomes soft and spreadable, the combination of these deluxe, wintry indulgences makes this the most decadent of our 12 Days of Pairings. All you need to complete the picture are a roaring fire and some thin, toasted slices of crusty baguette for dipping and smearing!

Sample this classic Di Bruno pairing at our Franklin location from 2pm — 6pm on Sunday December 21.

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