12 Days of Pairings —Testun al Foglie di Castagno & Sweet Soppressata

12 Days of Pairings: Testun al Foglie di Castagno & Sweet Soppressata

Picking up where yesterday’s blog left off, today we’re featuring Occelli’s Testun al Foglie di Castagno with Sweet Soppressata.

The sweetest of the four Occelli ‘Reserve’ cheeses, Testun al Foglie di Castagno is made of mixed milk (cow with either goat or sheep), aged on applewood for 18 months, and wrapped in chestnut leaves. Its melt-in-the-mouth texture is punctuated by a proliferation of naturally-occurring crystals in the paste, a result of the longer aging period.

Sweet Soppressata is a salami made from coarsely-ground pork shoulder and pork fat.  (The ‘sweet’ in the salami’s name is more to differentiate it from its cousin Hot Soppressata, and less to indicate sugary sweetness.) Typically seasoned with garlic, black pepper, and sometimes even red wine, this cured meat is a versatile, crowd-pleasing favorite of ours. Partnered with the almost dessert-like Testun al Foglie di Castagno, the result is a classic sweet-savory interplay that characterizes the most successful food combinations! This pairing makes a stellar afternoon snack, and is the perfect rustic cheese plate for one.

Sample this special pairing at our Franklin location from 2pm — 6pm on Friday December 19.

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