12 Days of Pairings: Occelli Testun al Malto d’Orzo e Whiskey & Speck

Yesterday we shared our favorite pairing for Occelli’s Testun al Barolo. Today’s Occelli cheese pairing is Testun al Malto d’Orzo e Whiskey, with Speck (Surryano ham goes great, too!).

Made with goat and cow milk, each wheel is coated with barley malt and whiskey after a lengthy maturation period. Despite an aroma delightfully reminiscent of alcohol, this cheese has a very balanced flavor profile with a sweet opening, citric middle and a pleasing, mellow finish.

Speck is a lightly smoked prosciutto originating in the South Tyrol region of Northern Italy. A deep, earthy flavor and smoky-sweet aroma make Speck the perfect partner for the heavy-bodied, mouth coating Testun al Malto d’Orzo e Whisky. For a smoky-themed trifecta, call a few friends over on a cold night, serve up a wedge of this cheese with a heap of thinly sliced speck, and enjoy both alongside a little dram of whiskey!

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