Just In—Di Bruno Bros. Private Collection Panettone

We’re very excited about a new product that just landed in our stores this week — our Di Bruno Bros. Private Collection Panettone.

The Tradition and History of Panettone

Panettone is an iconic Italian holiday treat that’s beloved by many — us included! It’s an incredibly fluffy, sweet, leavened bread loaf enriched with butter and eggs, with either dried fruit or chocolate folded into the dough. The luxury of these ingredients means that for most people, Panettone is usually reserved as a once-a-year indulgence.

Panettone originated in Milan, and, some claim, gets its name — “big bread” — from the large domed shape the loaf takes as it rises from the pan. The baking process is quite involved, with the dough left to rise for days before being baked, imparting that characteristic airy crumb. While a similar recipe for leavened bread sweetened with honey dates back to Ancient Roman times, the recipe for the Panettone we know today only became standardized and popularized in the early 20th century. It has been enjoyed by folks worldwide ever since.

Di Bruno’s Private Collection Panettone and Our Friends at Pan Ducale

Today, our Panettone comes to us straight from Italy. Our private collection Panettone is made specially for Di Bruno Bros. by a bakery in Abruzzo, Pan Ducale, meaning “bread of the duke”. They are family-owned and operated — just like we are. Their award-winning pastry chef, Maria Rosaria D’Amario uses a coveted family recipe passed down for generations. Although the production in most other commercial panettone bakeries is automated, Pan Ducale stands out by performing much of the baking processes by hand, giving each Panettone a homemade touch. The result is a moist, buttery, fluffy bread studded with orange liqueur-soaked raisins.

Panettone Table

Ways to Enjoy Panettone

One of the reasons for this holiday treat’s enduring popularity is its versatility. You can, of course, enjoy it on its own, sliced right out of the box for breakfast with your coffee or tea. It also makes wonderful toast slathered with butter. For a leisurely weekend brunch, prepare it as French Toast and top it off with a drizzle of Italian chestnut honey. Again, it’s lovely on its own after a family meal, paired with some dessert wine or a digestif. To take it up a notch, turn your Panettone into a “rum cake” for a decadent dessert: poke holes throughout the cake, and pour a liqueur of choice over the bread — an Amaretto or Frangelico would work well. Allow it to sit covered in the refrigerator for a day or two before you serve it. Finally, for the ultimate holiday mash up, use your Panettone to make an eggnog bread pudding. The fluffy texture of Panettone will be the perfect vehicle for the vanilla nutmeg flavors of the eggnog as it infuses!

Don’t forget to share the tradition; our Private Collection Panettone comes packaged in a sturdy and stylish handled box, making it perfect as a fabulous host or hostess gift. Stock up today, because you’ll soon find out that one just won’t be enough!