So Fancy—Caviaroli

When we laid our eyes on the little CAVIAROLI jars during our visit to the Fancy Food Show in New York, we were intrigued by what we saw. Inside these jars was a fine Spanish olive oil encapsulated to mimic the delicate refinement of caviar. These small spheres are full of high quality Spanish Arbequina olive oil burst that in the mouth upon contact. Pretty awesome, right?

The concept of CAVIAROLI transpired back in 2008 when Chef Ferrán Adrià created this innovative product, producing it in small quantities, and inspiring others along the way. Taking two years of research and development to create such an innovative form of olive oil caviar, this product is now used in several Michelin star restaurants by famed chefs around the world.

So how exactly do you use CAVIAROLI in your everyday lives? Stored in a sleek glass bottle, the Caviar will stay fresh for up to twelve months–the same as regular bottled olive oil. The stunning yellow color and glossy clarity makes it an incredible garnish for any modern dish and amuse bouche. Go on a grab a jar at your local Di Bruno Bros. and read on to add that CAVIAROLI special touch to your favorite dishes. Enjoy pairings for Caviaroli put together by our cheesemongers!



1) Ortiz Sardines + Basil Leaf + Chili Oil Caviaroli

Caviaroli_SardinasBasil_Prng copy

A mix of salty, sweet, and spice, this pairing is an all-around game changer!

2) Di Bruno Private Label Sweet Soppressata + Truffle Tremor + Arbequina Caviaroli

Caviaroli Framani Toscano Salami

Meaty, salty goodness of salami with creamy rich truffled cheese with pops of olive oil. Umami in a bite.

3) Rupert Reserve + Cava Mezze Roasted Garlic Hummus + Sesame Oil Caviaroli


With the delicious deep, sweet, and butterscotch Alpine flavor of Rupert Reserve, the Sesame oil Caviaroli blends beautifully with Cava Mezze hummus.

4) Andante Minuet + Jamon Iberico de Bellota + Basil Caviaroli

Caviaroli_Andante Jamon Iberico

Made with goat’s milk and enriched by cow’s milk creme fraiche, Andante Minuet is the perfect combination with salty and delicious Jamon Iberico de Bellota and the earthy essence and pop of Basil Caviaroli!

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