So Fancy—Valier Green Walnut Syrup


Dessert lovers, get ready. We found this thick and sweet syrup at the Summer Fancy Food Show and loved the unique and delicious taste. Created in Veneto, Italy, Valier’s Green Walnut Syrup was founded by a family-owned estate since 1484. This syrup was inspired by one of Italy’s most famous liqueurs called Nocino, which is made from green walnuts, sugar and spices that are left to macerate in alcohol for more than 45 days. The result is a dark black syrupy elixir, beloved by many Italians as a digestif or after-dinner drink. The Valier family decided to create a similar product but without the use of alcohol, and in 2010 they released their unique Green Walnut Syrup.

By candying green walnuts, this syrup is sweet, fine and full of a tannic aroma perfect for most palates. The only other ingredients in this fine bottle include sugar and spices. You can’t beat those flavors!

Wondering how to use this syrup? Easy! Top it on your favorite ice creams, fresh fruits like strawberries, pastries and desserts like panna cotta, and even fresh cheeses such as ricotta and stracchino.

Valier Strawberries

You can find Valier’s Green Walnut Syrup at a Di Bruno Bros. location near you. Hurry though – these bottles might not last long on our shelves, especially during the upcoming holiday season!

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