Our Latest Discovery: Kermit’s Bake Shoppe

Local Baked Goods We Love

It’s no surprise we fell in love with Kermit’s Bake Shoppe. Combining both contemporary and nostalgic Philly staples with a lifestyle-conscious vibe, you can taste the essence of Philly with a just a bite. Choose from gluten free cookies and brownies, a variety of homemade pop tarts with fresh fruits (or even chocolate marshmallow if you’re feeling particularly adventurous), tea cakes and hot pockets (Yes. Hot pockets for adults.) We’re into trying a hot pocket with scrambled eggs with bacon and leeks or cheddar, sausage and peppers, or spinach and mushroom. Catch hot pockets at our Rittenhouse locationsoon to come to the Franklin!

Owner Adam Ritter teamed up with Philly native and Georges Perrier alum, Brian Lofink, local pastry chef and TLC’s Next Great Baker Chad Durkin to bring Kermit’s Bake Shoppe to life. With solid Philadelphia backgrounds, these guys know what Philly’s hungry for.


Adam Ritter (left), Brian Lofink (center), Chad Durkin (right).  Photo credit: Steph Aaronson.

What’s your favorite thing about making all of the sweets?

I personally don’t do the baking….I leave that to the angels of sweetness we employ!

How would you describe Kermit’s Bakeshop in 3 words.

Timeless, Kooky, Charismatic

Favorite Kermit’s product you’re obsessed with right now?

Tea Cakes and Oatmeal Cookie

What’s up next for Kermits?

We plan to fight the forces of evil with Salted Caramel Sticky Buns! (Editor’s Note: Kermit’s definitely wins. This time and every time.)

Stop by and try Kermit’s delicious treats at our Rittenhouse and Franklin stores!