So Fancy—Tonewood Maple Products

At the New York Fancy Foods Show we discovered some mighty fancy maple syrup. Tonewood makes four grades of maple syrup plus several other unconventional maple sugar products, like their maple cube or maple cream. Instead of re-inventing the maple-wheel, they have stripped it down to highlight its pure and simple flavor.

From their hometown in Mad River Valley, Vermont, Tonewood syrup is “single-sourced, unblended and free of additives”. That means the finest quality of maple sweetness you can get your hands onnot to mention that it’s ethically, sustainably and organically produced. Tonewood strives to create an excellent product while still maintaining the health of the maple tree forests in alignment with local farming practices. It’s these methods that are responsible for the unparalleled maple essence captured in their products.

This maple syrup is worthy of more than just topping breakfast foods. Tonewood has featured the maple element in various forms to feature the versatility and usage of the natural sweetener. Additionally, it has a fantastic flavor profile for the upcoming autumn weather. You can purchase the following Tonewood products at your local Di Bruno Bros. for a limited time.

Maple Cream

What exactly is maple cream? Imagine a velvety smooth maple frosting. That’s right. Use it to frost cupcakes sprinkled with bacon or slather it on fresh-from-the-oven spiced banana bread.

Try one of our perfect pairings1732 Black Pepper Bacon with Billy Blue, Maple Cream and Maple Flakes!

Fancy Maple Cube

The cube is a solid block of maple flavor ready to shave off into flakes to elegantly dust your bowl of blackberries or to top butter pecan gelato.

Try one of our perfect pairingsMarieke Foenegreek Gouda, Croissant, Grated Maple Cube, and Medium Amber Maple Syrup!

Maple Flakes 


Sweet and crunchy, these maple tidbits add both texture and flavor to salads, poultry or desserts. You may even be inclined to top this Thanksgiving’s sweet potato casserole with these.

Dark Maple Syrup

This syrup provides the most powerful punch of maple from Tonewood. The concentrated flavor pairs nicely with a robust coffee blend or drizzled on a Gruyere grilled cheese sandwich. You can also use it in marinades for dishes like a braised pork shoulder.

Medium Amber Maple Syrup

This grade of syrup has a maple intensity most similar to the traditional syrup you’d drown your pancakes or french toast in. Indulge with this superior syrup.

Try these scrumptious maple products at our special Fancy Food + Cheese Happy Hour on September 18 at the Franklin from 5-7 pm! Use hashtag #DBfancy and show us your fancy creations and win a product from each Fancy Food product line!