Our Giant Emmenthaler Wheel—Weight Revealed!

The Story, The Cheese, The Legacy!

During a trip to Switzerland in 1965, founding brother Danny Di Bruno sampled some of world’s best cheese – the most legendary being Emmenthaler Swiss.  With passion in his eyes, it was with one bite of this cheese where he was inspired to evolve Di Bruno Bros. into the gourmet shop it is today, crowning our original 9th Street location as “The House of Cheese,” and serving up food as entertainment.  

The 1960s had never seen a wheel with so much flavor, so much character, and so much… weight!  The cheesy giant certainly made some noise throughout the Italian Market, home of our original location at 9th and Christian.  Seventy-five years later, food remains as theater in our world and we’re back at it again here at The Franklin, our newest location in this beautiful Washington Square West Neighborhood at 9th and Sansom.

The Contest

Throughout the months of July and August, we held a contest asking customers visiting our Franklin Market store to guess the weight of this giant wheel of Emmenthaler! And now we’re ready to reveal the weight! Congrats to the winner, Erin R.! This wheel of Emmenthaler is a whopping:

177.43 lbs!

Eating a hunk of this Emmenthaler is like eating a taste of Di Bruno Bros. history. Thank you for letting us entertain you for all these years.  Cheers to that!