Wisconsin Cheesemaker Profile: Saxon Creamery

Founded in 1848 by the Klessig family, the Saxon Creamery is a fifth generation dairy farm committed to ethical treatment of cows and land preservation. Their dairy is located three miles from the creamery, making sure the milk is always incredibly fresh under the guide of Master Cheesemaker Jeff Mattes (below).

“Wild lands provide an important part of agriculture. It’s really the mantra of the state of Wisconsin, the diversity of the land,” – Karl Klessig 

Creamy & Flavorful Cheeses from Saxon Creamery

Snowfields – Winter Is Coming and We Can’t Wait

Crafted with limited-availability milk (high in protein and cream), this handcrafted cheese is sweet and slightly tangy with toasted nut flavors.

Pastures Cheddar –  Try This Cheesy Champion

Fruity and crisp cheddar with caramel notes. Pastures won 2nd Place in the 2010 American Cheese Society contest; 5th Place in the Bandaged Cheddar Class at the 2011 U.S. Championship Cheese Contest, and 2nd Place at the American Cheese Society Awards. American Cheese Society 2014 Winner!

Big Ed’s Gouda – A Signature Cheese For All Palates

Aged for a minimum of three months, Big Ed’s Gouda has a creamy texture and a sweet, nutty finish. American Cheese Society 2014 Winner!

Fun Fact:

Saxon switched their dairy farm from confinement to rotational grazing in the 1980’s. They found that cows were happier and started producing better milk.

Meet Kenn from Saxon Creamery!

Kenn Buelow from Saxon is visiting our stores and sampling their amazing cheeses. Come sample!

Friday August 29th 

  • Comcast Market (1701 JFK Blvd.), 11am-1pm
  • Ardmore Farmers Market (120 Coulter Ave., Ardmore), 3pm-6pm

Saturday August 30th

  • The Franklin Market (Corner of 9th and Sansom Streets), 11:00am-1pm
  • Rittenhouse (1730 Chestnut Street), 3pm-7pm

Sunday August 31st 

  • Italian Market (930 S. 9th Street), 10am-2pm