Wisconsin Cheesemaker Profile: Holland’s Family Cheese

A Closer Look at Holland’s Family Cheese 

Raised on dairy farms in the Netherlands, cheesemakers Marieke and Rolf Penterman came to Wisconsin in 2002 to make the cheeses that they knew and loved from their home. Holland’s Family Cheese’s goudas use farmstead-produced milk, making only unpasteurized cheeses. Each wheel is aged on Dutch pine boards. Fresh milk is put into the cheese making vats and made into cheese within five hours.

“Before coming to Wisconsin I never had the desire to make cheese. Now I make my own gouda and I send it back to Holland when people visit.” – Marieke Penterman 

Delicious Cheeses from Holland’s Family

Marieke’s Gouda with Foenegreek  Bring On The Pancakes

This is a cheese with sweet and nutty flavors and notes reminiscent of maple syrup. American Cheese Society 2014 winner!

Marieke’s Smoked Gouda — Perfect For Camping

Rich and full-flavored, gently smoked over natural hickory wood.

Marieke’s Mature Gouda — Flavor You’ll Be Craving For Weeks

Full-flavored with caramel notes, this cheese is crafted by Dutch skill and Wisconsin milk. American Cheese Society 2014 winner!

Marieke’s “Overjariga” (Extra Aged) Gouda — Old Is Gold

This gouda aged 2+ years is robust with undertones of spice, coffee, caramel, and toasted nuts.

Fun Fact:

Marieke’s first batch of Foenegreek won the Best of Class at the 2007 Championship Cheese contest! Since then, they’ve won more than 60 national and international awards, including this year’s American Cheese Society competition!

Meet Kari from Holland’s Family Cheese!

Kari from Holland’s Family Cheese will be visiting our stores and sampling these delicious cheeses!

Thursday August 14th 

  • Ardmore Farmers Market (120 Coulter Ave., Ardmore), 3pm-6pm

Friday August 15th 

  • Comcast Market (1701 JFK Blvd), 11am-1pm
  • Italian Market (930 S. 9th Street), 3pm-6pm

Saturday August 16th

  • Summer Salute at the Franklin Market (Corner of 9th and Sansom Streets), 11:30am-2pm
  • Rittenhouse (1730 Chestnut Street), 4pm-7pm