Wisconsin Cheesemaker Profile: Carr Valley Cheese

Steeped in awards and excellence, Carr Valley Cheese is led by Sid Cook, fourth-generation family owner who is the most celebrated cheesemaker in the United States. Approaching cheesemaking with “Old World craftsmanship”, they have created plenty of fan favorites and are recognized internationally as being leaders in cheese.

“I think about what cultures are going to taste like and where flavors are going to go. I do exactly what a chef does, but with milk.” — Sid Cook

Perfectly Unique Cheeses from Carr Valley

Billy Blue – Creamy, Tangy and Everything You Need In a Blue

Made from fresh milk of pasture-grazed Wisconsin goats. It has a distinctive blue flavor and creamy texture. It took second place at the 2009 American Cheese Society competition and placed 1st in the 2013 World Cheese Awards for Goat Milk Blue. American Cheese Society 2014 winner!

Mobay – Goat and Sheeps Milk with Layers of Grape Ash

Sid Cook’s take on the French cheese, Morbier. This cheese is a combination of morning milkings of goat’s and sheep’s milk and is separated by a line of grape ash. It is delicate and rustic and a judges favorite, placing 2nd at the 2011 World Cheese Awards.

Glacier Wildfire Blue – A SPICY Blue Cheese Ready To Kick Things Up a Notch

This is a rich and silky blue cheese, that is decadently creamy with fiery chili pepper flakes. Creamy and crumbly. Known as a “wildfire blue.” American Cheese Society 2014 winner!

Fun Fact:

Carr Valley’s “American Originals” line has won more than 400 top awards both internationally and in the United States!

Meet Sid Cook!

Master Cheesemaker Sid Cook is visiting our stores and sampling his amazing cheeses. Come meet a legend!

Friday July 18th 

  • Ardmore Farmers Market (120 Coulter Ave., Ardmore), 3pm-6pm

Saturday July 19th

  • The Franklin Market (Corner of 9th and Sansom Streets), 11:30am-2pm
  • Rittenhouse (1730 Chestnut Street), 4pm-7pm

Sunday July 20th

  • Italian Market (930 S. 9th Street), 10am-2pm