5 Food Finds for Livin’ Easy This Summer

This June, we’re celebrating dads and days of endless sunshine. As we kick off summer, kick your meals up a notch and try something new.

Try out these five sweet and savory treats that will take your summer BBQ to a whole ‘nother level!

1.   Crisp & Co. Pickles

Nothing says summer like a crispy, crunchy pickle. Recently honored as one of the 50 up-and-coming brands in the USA, Crisp & Co. offers more than your average pickle. Artisanal and crisp, these pickles are the perfect addition to any summer BBQ. Throw them on burgers, enjoy with a side of fries or just pop ‘em straight out of the jar—they’re that good. Available at our Rittenhouse, Franklin, Ardmore, and 9th Street locations.

2.   Hank Sauce

Take over the grill from Dad and treat him to a day off with local favorite, Hank Sauce. Slather one of Hank’s sauces over Dad’s favorite meats, seafood, or veggies for a go-to kick.  These sauces are a reminder of what summer should taste like! Available at our Rittenhouse, Franklin, Ardmore, and 9th Street locations.

3.   Bourbon Barrel Sauces

When it comes to their sauces, Bourbon Barrel follows a simple philosophy—keep it slow, small and simple. Their soybeans are grown by Kentucky farmers for naturally-fermented soy sauce that tastes both smoky and broth-y. Aged in re-purposed bourbon barrels, the sauce has hints of oak and the mild sweetness of bourbon that brings aromatic, smoky charm to even the simplest dishes. Available at our Rittenhouse, Franklin, Ardmore, and 9th Street locations.

4.   A Sweet & Salty Cheese Pairing

Our Abbruzze Sweet Sausage is firm and mild, with just the right mix of of garlic and spice.  Enjoy alone or try alongside Pecorino and truffle honey for layers and layers of decadence.  With a full, rich nutty and fruity flavor, this cheese crumbles into perfect chunks that meld with our garlicky salami.  Drizzle on our White Truffle Honey for a flavor experience that takes you on a journey from salty to sweet with a twist of truffle.

5.   Hope Hummus Spicy Avocado

Hope Hummus products are organic, gluten free, vegan, kosher and good for mankind?!  That’s a hummus dream come true.  The company donates 10% of its profits as well as a ton of delicious products to local communities in need. And on top of all that, the hummus is super fresh with a kick.  Organic Spicy Avocado Hummus blends together organic avocados with Hope’s original recipe and turns up the heat with a combination of organic peppers and spice.  Available at our Rittenhouse, Franklin, and Ardmore locations.

Kick back and enjoy the start to your summer with these amazing treats!