5 Burger Recipes to Step Up Your BBQ Game

In 2014 five incredible sliders faced-off in a Battle Royale, with cheese of course.

Featuring the culinary pioneering staff of the five Di Bruno Bros. stores, guests tasted the teams’ decadent slider recipes and voted on their favorite while washing down these beauties with craft beers from Deschutes Brewery.  

In case you missed it, here’s a recap of the five sliders dreamed up by our culinary wizards (with the winner of the showdown saved for last).

Or get right down to it and build your own burger creation with our recommendations for our favorite cheese spreads, burger cheeses, pickles and meats galore.  Click here to start building.

1. The Ardmore: “One Blue Over the Cocoa’s Nest” with Chainbreaker White IPA

Creamy. Meaty. Salty.

Take Stilton blue cheese, spread on a little La Colombe Coffee Caramel spread and add a slice (or eight) of Mole Salami.

2. The Franklin: “Peanut Burger & Jelly” with Black Butte Porter

Sweet. Salty. Fruity. Crunchy.  

Cover your favorite bacon in plenty of chocolate, slice up a pickle for your burger and more for the side, layer in some jalapeño raspberry jam (or give it some earthy vibes with Tait Farm Strawberry Rhubarb Jam) and crunchy peanut butter from PB and Jams, and top with the a piece of gold ol’ American cheese.

3. The Rittenhouse: “The Holy Quail” with Mirror Pond Pale Ale

Meaty.  Oniony.  Savory.  

Melt Challerhocker cheese onto your patty of choice, spread on the Tishbi onion cabernet jam between layers of pancetta from 1732 Meats, and toss in some balsamic-dressed arugula.  Top with umami-esque sautéed oyster mushrooms and a finish with a fancy fried quail egg.

4. The Italian Market: “Spicy Peanut Butter Crunch” with Not the Stoic

Cheesey.  Spicy.  Nutty.  

Dress your burger with some melted Marcel Petite Comté, spread on ample amounts of PB and Jams “Hot or Not” spicy peanut butter and stack on some Brooklyn Brine Chipotle carrots.

5. The Comcast: “The Bacon and Blue” with Twilight Summer Ale

Creamy. Crispy.  Full of zing.

Start with one of our favorite burger blues, Chiriboga, layer in your favorite and most crispiest bacon.  Don’t forget Sir Kensington’s spicy chipotle mayo and the hot sauce for plenty of zing.


We’ve put together a collection of our favorite cheese spreads, burger cheeses, pickles and meats galore to make it easy for you to build your own burger!  Breeze through our recommendations for burger BFFs here.

Still hungry?  Stay tuned for our next event!  In the meantime, here’s a recap of all our St. James fundraisers as we raise $75,000 to help them build a Neighborhood Kitchen, as we celebrate our 75th Anniversary.  #75for75