An Ode to Philly Beer Week

Philly Beer Week is a right of passage for any beverage-loving Philadelphian.  With hundreds of events, enough beer to cover the City, and plenty of cheese to go around, Philly Beer Week deserves some love.

Our cheesemongers put together six beer and cheese pairings that will light up your week as an Ode to Philly Beer Week.   Hit it!

Di Bruno Beer + Cheese Pairings: An Ode To Philly Beer Week from Di Bruno Bros. on Vimeo.

And here they areone perfect cheesy, beery, pairing at a time.

Gruyere and Dark Lager: Malty, Smooth and Nutty

Warm, toasty flavors persist over a dense but smooth texture.  Gruyere epitomizes the winter months, but can be enjoyed all year round.  And perhaps it is best enjoyed with a sweet dark lager, whose roasted malts play perfectly against the earthiness of the cheese.

Gouda and Porter: Sea Salt Caramel by a Campfire

What cheese is more alluring than a well-aged Gouda?  Caramel and butterscotch notes abound over a slightly salty, crunchy bite.  Paired with a great Porter, the salt serves as a perfect foil for the sweetness of the roasted malts, while the caramel tones linger in the finish.

Stilton and Stout: The Beer and Cheese Dessert Course

A perfectly balanced Stilton has flavors of fresh cream, grasses, hay and blue mold in perfect harmony.  A good stout should be equally nuanced, with a full body, hop backbone and contrasting sweetness.  Together, Stilton and Stout elevate each other to heights unattainable on their own.

Farmhouse Cheddar and Pale Ale: Rustic, Classic, Rural

Earthy, grassy and slightly fruity up–front with a long, sharp finish, Farmhouse Cheddar is one of the most noble cheeses in history.  Pair it with a good, strong Pale Ale that can match the cheese’s intensity and you have a sublime pairing.

Chevre and Saison: Vibrant, Fresh, Springtime

Fresh goat cheese offers a clean, citric flavor with occasional floral hints and barnyard subtleties.  It symbolizes Spring, especially when paired with a refreshing Saison.  These two work perfectly on their ow,n or alongside a simple, light salad.

Brie and Belgian Blonde: Fruity, Light and Sweet

Mild, creamy and smooth, Brie is a great cheese for pairing with just about anything.  Preferably, something bubbly and bright, like a good Belgian Blonde.  The honey sweetness and hint of spice typically found in Belgian Blondes land softly on the silky texture of the cheese.

We love cheese. We love Philly. We especially love eating cheese and drinking beer in Philly.  Check out all Philly Beer Week events where you can find us!