What is… A Cheesemonger?


Today, we introduce you to the cheesemonger.  And this isn’t just any cheesemonger, but a Di Bruno Bros. cheesemonger —  a rare specialist with an abnormal amount of cheese enthusiasm.

This cohort doesn’t just sell cheese, they eat cheese day in and day out, sharing their discoveries and stories with anyone that will listen and try a taste.

Prefer a textbook definition?  Here goes.

DI BRUNO BROS. CHEESEMONGER (cheese-monger) proper noun

  1. Men and women dedicated to spreading the good word of cheese.
  2. Individuals who spend their days trying upwards of 20-30 different types of cheeses, identifying flavors, pairing cheese with everything around them, and becoming every customer’s best friend.
  3. For example, take any wedge of cheese… any wedge at all.  A Di Bruno cheesemonger can tell you the story of the farm that makes it, why the cheese is extra special, and the best way to eat it. Whether it’s straight up, paired with a jelly or jam, on a sandwich, with your favorite mac, or maybe even something cool that no one even knows about. They’re that good.  The best part about them is they love seeing other people excited about cheese.


Next time you come into one of our shops, hit up the cheese counter and ask your monger, “What’s really good today?”  While you may not think it, cheese can be incredibly seasonal and our mongers will be happy to show you what’s good.


Each year, we celebrate our mongers and the cheeses we’re loving this year with a week-long celebration appropriately dubbed “Monger Week.”  Our mongers pick their favorite cheeses of the year, compete against each other for the next perfect bite, and participate in unique product trainings.  Follow along our cheeseventures with hashtag #mongerweek!


Within the last few years, a certification from the American Cheese Society emerged that connects cheesemongers across the country.  This is called the Certified Cheese Professional or CCP exam and is the Highest Standard for Cheese Professionals.  A three hour, 150 question test aims unify the industry so cheese professionals speak the same “language” and basic philosophies of cheese.

Meet Emilio Mignucci, our VP of Culinary Pioneering.  Along with revered leaders in the cheese world, Sue Sturman, Max McCalman, the late Daphne Zepos and ACS members, Emilio helped write the CCPE over an eight-year period, finalizing the exam in 2012.  To date, ten of our cheesemongers are CCPs and more will take the exam each year!

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Photo credit:  Jason Varney