“Meat” the Lineup: Di Bruno Bros. Artisan Salami

In honor of our 75th Anniversary, we’re proud to introduce our new line of classic, artisan salami crafted from the most carefully-selected cuts of pork and spices – just like our founders Danny and Joe used to make.  

Our recipes and process stay true to traditional Italian salami, and are produced with regional Italian spices and the old-world technique of slow air-curing for at least 45 days.

Make a meat plate for the ages – pair with traditional sharp Italian cheeses, or snack on with those soft and creamy big-flavored domestic farmstead cheeses.  Any way you slice it, this salami is a necessary addition to your next cheese and meat plate.


Soppressata  available in hot or sweet

An Italian classic.  It’s ground more coarsely than other types of salami, for an uneven, “rustic” appearance when sliced.

Abbruzze Sausage  available in hot or sweet

This finer-ground product brings together the classic flavor of dry sausage with an assortment of spices. Abbruzze provides a sophisticated flavor perfect for Antipasto platters.

Finocchiona – Mild salami enhanced with fennel seeds

Finocchiona uses both fennel powder and fennel seed, so the flavor permeates the entire salami and through each bite.



Sweet Meat Pairing Suggestions:  Try pairing our Soppressata Sweet and Abbruzze Sweet meats with aged cheeses like Pecorino “Grand Old Man.”  

Spicy Meats Pairing Suggestions:  For an easy pairing, try a cheese like Grand Provolone to balance out the heat of the spiciness. For wines, serve with a red that has bold flavor, but avoid the fruity reds. A Barolo or something from northern Italy would be most appropriate.

Finocchiona Pairing Suggestions: Try with Pecorino Romano or Parmigiano Reggiano to complement the fennel’s dry but herbal finish.  It’s also great with white wine on a perfect summer day.

What To Do With the Casing:  While edible, remove the salami casing to bring out more of the flavor for an enhanced taste.  The netting on all salami comes off very easily.

In the spirit of nostalgia and tradition, we are happy to be able to share with you a little taste of what life was like in 1939!  Try these five pairings our cheesemongers dreamed up using a mix of our old school favorites and some of our latest discoveries.