Do Easter As The Italians Do – With Ham Pies, Easter Breads, and Huge Chocolate Eggs

Our Di Bruno Bros. team members have so many incredible Easter traditions – from a “pie” loaded with eggs, meats and cheeses, to sweet and savory braided breads, and gigantic chocolate eggs filled with surprise gifts inside. Share in our traditions and introduce a new recipe into your family’s Easter this year – or share your traditions with us that make your Easter feel like… your Easter. 

For Some, It’s All About the Easter Bread

Photo credit: The Italian Dish

Easter bread comes in a few shapes and sizes, but you’ll find this sweet or savory braided loaf at every Italian household come Easter morning.  Some Easter Breads sport icing and sprinkles, others are decked out in eggs dyed in bright colors, and some are just traditionally simple.  Di Bruno Bros. third generation owner, Emilio Mignucci, has been eating Easter bread all his life. His favorite?  The plain braid with sweet dough served with honey and butter made by his wife Sue – a recipe passed down from her mother. Sometimes you just can’t beat tradition!  Get your gang involved and start a new tradition in your family with this fun and colorful recipe for Easter Bread.

Then There’s the Easter Pie / Ham Pie / Pizza Rustica

This classic Italian Easter recipe has been passed down through our Di Bruno Bros. family for generations. Johnny Zancolli, manager of our Franklin location (previously the manager of the Italian Market location) has graciously shared his mother’s holiday recipe for what is also known as “Pizza Rustica.” Mama Zancolli, as we like to call her, hails from Abruzzo, Italy — just like Danny and Joe Di Bruno. For the last 15 years, we have been making this rustic, comfort dish for our customers with her recipe. Savory, creamy, and delicious, the Easter Ham Pie incorporates traditional hams and cheeses, freshly baked with a flaky crust.

A key element of this dish is Basket Cheese – get the Easter Pie recipe and learn more about it here.  Want us to do the work for you?  Our Catering team has you covered.

And Don’t Forget the Gigantic Chocolate Eggs

What could be better than a huge imported chocolate Easter egg?  How about a huge chocolate Easter egg with a prize hidden on the inside?  In Italy these prizes can be customized by the chocolate marker to contain anything from wedding rings, to car keys, and other elaborate gifts on the inside.  The eggs we import aren’t as elaborate but they are filled with Italian candies like torrone—a nougat candy that’s almost like a cross between a marshmallow and a brownie.  Read more on the Italian chocolate egg craze here.

Last but Not Least, the Colombe (Or Colomba) Cake

Photo credit:  Eat, drink + beKerry

A Colombe cake is a dove-shaped cake that is similar to Italian panettone but can have crunchy almonds on top and dried fruit within.  The dove symbolizes peace and friendship, so a Colombe cake makes the perfect host gift when visiting family or friends on Easter, and goes over especially well with that Italian mother or father-in-law.  Wink.

Fun fact!  Columbe means Dove in Italian.  If you love La Colombe coffee, everything is probably starting to make sense for you now.

Easter has always been one our favorite holidays at Di Bruno Bros.  Swing by our shops to get a dose of spring and Easter, shop online to get ready for your day or let our Catering Team do the cooking for you!

Buona Pasqua!