5 Mac & Cheese Pairings for the Ultimate Springtime Flavor Experience

Stephanie Stiavetti, Author of Melt: The Art of Macaroni and Cheese, has created five incredible Mac & Cheese Pairings using the Sfoglini pasta line and Di Bruno Bros. spring cheeses.

Folks automatically associate macaroni and cheese with fall and winter, but I’m here to tell you that it’s the perfect food for springtime, too. Ensure stellar results by using the freshest veggies, ideally bought within the past few days. And remember: early-season produce likes to be treated with care, so be sure to cook your bounty gently to preserve flavor and texture!

Photo credit: The Shiksa in the Kitchen

When paired with Sfoglini’s assortment of artisan pastas and some of Di Bruno’s most exquisite springtime cheeses, April’s proliferation of produce makes a great addition to your favorite comfort dishes. Leeks, asparagus, green garlic, and baby peas are just a few fresh flavors ripe for the picking this month.

Celebrate the taste of spring with pasta and cheese!

Raclette and pale ale are BFFs, as are Raclette and the onion family. Together, they’re the Three Musketeers of macaroni and cheese!

Raclette loves to be paired with darker flavors. Beer is an ideal accompaniment, and Sfoglini’s Bronx Brewery Pale Ale Pasta is just screaming to be folded into a creamy sauce made with shredded Reading Raclette. Lightly sauteed young leeks are bright without being too pungent, providing a layer of vegetal freshness to this hearty dish.

Nutty and buttery, Midnight Moon is the perfect pairing for fresh green asparagus. Toasty pumpkin seeds bring a little warmth to the cool evenings of springtime.

Nutty, buttery, and smooth, Midnight Moon must have been created with macaroni and cheese in mind. I love to melt it into a thick béchamel, creating what the French call a mornay. Sfoglini’s Trumpet Pasta knows how to tuck cheese sauce in its folds. Asparagus tips are one of my favorite parts of the Spring season, both for their bright green flavor and hearty crunch – just be sure to not overcook them! A topping of toasted pumpkin seeds brings a little warmth to the cool evenings.

The briny notes of cuttlefish ink pair perfectly with Point Reyes Blue, much like mussels in a blue cheese broth. Tender baby peas lighten the mood with a little color and sweetness.

Sfoglini’s Cuttlefish Ink Spaccatelli imparts a brininess that is second to none, and the best way to enjoy this pasta is to let that gorgeous oceanic flavor shine like the star it is. I love these noodles hot, tossed with crumbled Point Reyes Blue, which allows the cheese to melt slightly while still maintaining its chunky integrity. Blanched baby peas and a pinch of freshly-ground white pepper bring this story to a simple, but impressive, conclusion.

The zing of Vermont Creamery’s Crème Fraîche just begs to be slathered across an everything bagel with a little extra garlic. Thank goodness for Everything Bagel Pasta, which brings this flavor experience to the table!

Sfoglini’s Everything Bagel Pasta tastes like a crisp New York afternoon. Stir in a few spoonfuls of Vermont Creamery’s Crème Fraîche into the plain piping hot noodles, and you’ve got a simply luxurious experience. This flavorful combination doesn’t need much to take it to the next level, but a sprinkling of freshly chopped green garlic adds a wink and a smile.

An Italian picnic in the making, Fiscalini’s sharp sense of humor has met its match in hearty artichoke hearts. Sourdough bread crumbs add a little crunch for texture and extra yeasty flavor.

You might not think to pair aged cheddar with artichokes in a hearty casserole, but they’re actually quite friendly. The smokiness of Fiscalini’s Bandage Wrapped Cheddar adores the green notes of artichoke hearts, and when you add toasty sourdough crumbs for added texture, there will be fireworks! The foundation of it all is Sfoglini’s Zucca Pasta, which hugs the cheese sauce right back like a giant teddy bear.

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