Simply Delicious: 3 Simple & Crisp Cheese Pairings


Get ready for some incredible flavor combinations.  Our mouths are watering just thinking about the endless possibilities of pairings with artisanal dried fruit crisps from Simple & Crisp.

Simple & Crisp is a line of hand-picked, slow-dried fruit crisps that add another dimension to any dish or drink. These delicious fruit crisps are gluten-free, sustainably grown, and packed full of antioxidants. And, take our word for it—they taste as good as they look!

Imagine a pear crisp hugging the rim of a blueberry-pomegranate cocktail, a burst of blood orange in your Darjeeling or fresh roasted coffee—your nose deluged with its steamy aroma, or an apple crisp sailing about in your chilled white wine. Crumble into salads for a fruity crunch, use as a cracker substitute for hors d’oeurves and cheese plates, to dulcify your desserts, and so much more. Di Bruno cheesemongers, Jeff D. and Mike H., concocted these three perfect Simple & Crisp pairings.

1.      Apple Crisps and Wilde Weide


Pronounced “VIL-duh VY-duh,” this aged raw organic cow’s milk cheese from Holland is firm, bright, fruity and slightly grassy with hints of bourbon and butter. Meaning “wild meadows”, Wilde Weide hails from a husband-and-wife farmstead full of lush grasses, flowers and herbs. The apple crisps bring out its fruity and floral notes—it’s just as if you’re sitting outside in the springtime sun. Try this pairing and transport yourself to a picnic blanket in your favorite park anytime you like!

2.      Orange Crisps and Taleggio


Taleggio is a washed-rind pasteurized cow’s milk cheese that is soft and thick—one of the classics originating from the caves of Val Taleggio in Lombardy, Italy. This pairing has a surprising flavor combination, pitting the earthy, damp-hay nuances of Taleggio against perky orange citrus; it’s the cheese and crisp equivalent of a Creamsicle®! The flavors harmonize like a Gershwin chord on the palate.

3. Pear Crisps and Verde Capra


A classic Italian snack, pears and Gorgonzola, is refined in this elegant pairing. Creamy goats milk of Verde Capra adds a tanginess that brings the overall flavor to another level! With notes of lemongrass and pepper, this delectable cheese hails from the Piedmont region of Italy, bringing a sharper and tangier flavor to your taste buds. Sweet paired with salty works every time.

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