Product Spotlight: Simple & Crisp

These colorful, crispy pops of fruitiness will enhance your next…well, everything.

Enjoy Simple & Crisp over a salad, in a cocktail, appetizer, entrée, or dessert! The possibilities are literally endless.  Photo Credit: Simple & Crisp Instagram


We all have that friend who always finds a way to make something simple feel special—these crisps bring that to the table. A perfect alternative to crackers, Simple & Crisp are sustainably sourced, gluten-free, antioxidant and vitamin-rich, slow-dried fruit crisps. Launched in 2012, Simple & Crisp started in the home of Jane Yuan, a former publicist and Seattle-area editor. A hit with her friends, Yuan served her homemade fruit crisps at dinner parties as a stylish snacking alternative. Dedicated to creating a tasty, fun, and sumptuous culinary experience, Yuan is all about entertaining and having fun!

Featured by The Washington Post as “Most Versatile Snack,” mentioned in TIME Magazine as a garnish at the 2013 Manhattan Cocktail Classic Gala (one of the largest indoor cocktail parties in the world), and given a shout-out in Oprah Magazine, these crisps will be sure to stand out at your next gathering or event. Currently available in Apple, Orange, Pear, and this season’s special offering of Blood Orange, these crisps will add an eclectic dimension to any dish.

Break them up over a salad, pair with mouthwatering creamy cheeses for a satisfying crunch, or try them in appetizers, as a garnish on cocktails, entrees, or get creative with dessert. Let your imagination take the reigns.

Our mongers Jeff and Mike at Rittenhouse crafted up some incredible cheese pairings with Simple & Crisp!

Read all about these pairings in this post, Simply Delicious: 3 Simple & Crisp Cheese Pairings.  Think dried apple paired with a fruity and subtle Gouda, cool pear crisps with a flavor punch from Gorgonzola, and a couple more toothsome bites!  These crisps are an incredible addition to just about anything.

Already thinking of a perfect pairing that you’re excited to try? Share your creations with us at @dibruno and @simpleandcrisp on Twitter and Instagram, and make sure to use the hashtag #perfectpairings and #dibrunobros. Let your taste buds run wild!