5 Food Finds – A Taste of Spring

Signs of spring are all around us—warmer weather, chirping birds, and the bountiful produce we all love! From basil and strawberries, to lavender and fresh flowers, the spring’s harvest is a colorful rainbow full of flavorful fare.

We’re definitely feeling a spring in our step with these 5 finds for April:

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1. Simple & Crisp Dried Fruit


We’ve all been patiently waiting for spring and now that it’s here we’re making sure to get a taste of spring in just about everything –  especially our food and drinks.  Simple & Crisp’s fruit crisps add a fruity dimension of crunch and flavor, pairing perfectly with salads, drinks, desserts, cocktails, and you guessed it… even cheese! Hand-selected, gluten-free and slow-dried, they are available in Apple, Pear, Orange, and this season’s selection, Blood Orange. Check out all the ways you can use these beautiful crisps on Simple & Crisps Instagram page, or take a peek at the pairings our cheesemongers came up with here.

2. Goat Cheese and Edible Flowers


Made by your favorite mongers, these simple chévres are hand-formed and adorned with edible orchids. Not only is the texture of the cheese absolutely mouthwatering, but the flowers add a bright flavor and crunch to your bite.  DIY these at home with any edible flower for your next event.

3. Fresh Ricotta, Strawberry & Basil Breakfast Sandwich


This April, celebrate fresh, starting with one of our favorite signs of spring—fresh ricotta.  Pair it up with strawberries, basil, cinnamon, raisin bread and local honey. Hints of sweetness layered into creamy cow’s milk cheese make a perfect light snack or lunch inside this sweet and tangy, spring sandwich.  Get the quick and easy recipe here.

4. Stories of Greek Origins Wild Mountain Tea


Hand-picked from the high-altitudes of the Grecian Pindos Mountains, this Wild Mountain Tea not only will perk up your spirits on a chilly spring morning, but it is also believed to have medicinal properties—like combatting weak immune systems, cure colds, respiratory ailments, sore throats, stomachaches and quell anxiety. Try this tea and feel the warmth of the white-hot Greek sun surround you!  Available at Rittenhouse Square, Ardmore, and The Franklin.

5. Lavender Au Lait


Perfect with the hint of morning chill that lingers through April. Steamed to perfection, your choice of milk is mixed with half-coffee and just the right amount of lavender syrup. This lavender-infused coffee will have you smiling ear-to-ear with just one sip. Available at The Franklin, Comcast, and Rittenhouse.

Relish in Spring with these five products that we’re loving this April.  You can find these amazing products in your neighborhood Di Bruno Bros.