Just Perfect Just Mayo Bites

When a product as impressive as Just Mayo comes to our shelves, we celebrate it.

This egg-free, plant-based alternative is healthier, more sustainable, and better for the environment than traditional mayonnaise.  Just Mayo just might even taste better than the real deal–a cholesterol-free, non-GMO, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, lactose-free, and kosher version of the real deal.

Spread on sandwiches, create your own salad dressings, and try Just Mayo in all sorts of mayo-friendly recipes. We took it a step further and created some finger foods with an interesting story.  Leslie U., one of our wonderful Rittenhouse cheesemongers, put together incredible pairings that’ll make you rethink how you use and taste mayonnaise.  We’re talking creamy, tangy latkes, mini napoleon towers, extra-zesty cucumbers, and a few other dynamite flavor experiences.

1. Goat Cheese and Just Mayo Latkes

This pairing takes the already delicious latke (potato-fried pancake) to a whole new level.  Traditionally served with either sweet (think apple sauce) or savory (think sour cream or cottage cheese), we’re pairing our latkes with fresh goat cheese and a drop of Just Mayo that makes this duo come to life in your mouth.  Our prepared foods case has latkes by the pound and our cheesemongers will pick out the perfect goat cheese to match your mood.

2. Fresh Cucumber with Just Mayo Garlic Aioli

The crunch of cucumber, crumbles of  St. Agur Blue, Just Mayo’s tang, and the aroma of fresh dill all come together with this crispy slice of flavor.  Whip together a Garlic Aioli with Just Mayo at its base and add in some St. Agur Blue cheese crumbles to kick things up a notch.  This pairing can be created in advance and assembled before the party begins for a no-fuss bite that’ll leave people lingering.

 3. Garlic-Rubbed Bacon with Fresh Tomato and Sriracha Mayo

We present to you, a BLT that’s been “Just Mayo-ized.” We started with a juicy tomato slice and layered with our version of Sriracha Just Mayo and hunks of garlic-rubbed bacon.  To create the Sriracha mayo, just add Sriracha to Just Mayo to taste.   Warning:  This sauce will turn your lunch into a happy dance – you’ll want to make enough to get you through the week.

 4. Mortadella and Just Mayo Napoleon with Capers

We use the term Napoleon loosely–because there’s nothing sweet and pastry-like about this meat tower.  Each bite is a flavor bomb in your mouth and a complete textural experience.  Layers of Mortadella and Just Mayo come together with each chomp, and capers disperse a briny flavor throughout.  It’s so interesting; it just might freak you out (in a good way… naturally).

Swing by any Di Bruno Bros. location to grab a jar of Just Mayo, on sale now through March for $4.99.  In the meantime, learn more about Just Mayo and the incredible story behind this product.