February Core Values Champion

Here at Di Bruno Bros. we work and live by our Core Values.  Every month we pay tribute to a member of our Di Bruno family and
celebrate someone who has shown off our values in an exemplary way.

Through nominations narrowed down by Senior Management, and hand-selected by our company President, we celebrate a team member each month.

Our Core Value Champion for the Month of February is Maria!

  • Position: Office Manager DBI&E
  • Nominated by: Jon Klinshaw 
  • Which Core Value/Core Values Does This Individual Best Exemplify: Company Stewardship
  • Example: Maria consistently does tremendous work on behalf of DBI&E in regards to Company Stewardship.  Maria’s commitment to the company and can do attitude are a big reason for DBI&E’s continued growth and success for her, her staff and the financials that she impacts. – Jon Klinshaw 


How long have you been with Di Bruno Bros.?

I just celebrated my one year anniversary in February.

What is your favorite thing about working with Di Bruno Bros.? 

You mean besides the endless array of cheese?  Definitely the team environment–everyone working together to help each other achieve their goals and do their best is my favorite aspect, but also being a part of something that is synonymous with Philadelphia is great!

When you’re not busy making sure Di Bruno Bros. Imports is thriving, what do you spend your time doing? 

Skydiving!  I’ve gone a handful of times and it’s definitely addicting, but MOST weekends I spend time with my husband and son checking out new restaurants or hosting a game night with friends.

Favorite cheese/cheese pairing/Di Bruno Bros. snack you just can’t live without? 

It’s so hard to just pick one…Delice de Bourgogne is my absolute favorite, especially when paired with Amarena cherries and honey roasted pecans, but the Buffalo Wing cheese plate is a very close second.

Best memory of your Di Bruno’s Tenure? 

The holidays were an exciting time and getting a behind the scenes look at all the gift baskets that were shipped out was both eye-opening and pretty amazing.