Our Latest Discovery – 1732 Meats


We knew we had to bring in 1732 Meat’s bacon and pancetta after our first bite. With each variety’s label illustrated by local Philly artist Hawk Krall, you can almost taste the flavor just from looking at the package. Choose from Garlic Insanity, Black Peppercorn, Jalapeno, Smoked Paprika, and Pancetta style – sold in slabs at our shops, sliced fresh to order.

1732 Meats is a family-owned business in every sense.  Owners Ari and Elise’s two daughters, both under ten years old, help out whenever possible and, according to 9th Street Monger Joe Green, have developed incredible palates for charcuterie.


What is your favorite thing about making bacon?

I love working with the best products. I loved designing the process, testing the flavors and making something that I loved and wanted to share. But mostly it’s each time a finished product comes out and it tastes just as great as the last.  It still has a bit of the feel of magic to me. The best part is sharing it with my family and making new friends through something that I have created with my own hands.

How would you describe 1732 Meats in three words.

Pork, Salt, Time.

Favorite 1732 product you’re obsessed with right now?

My Pancetta – it’s my baby. I have worked so hard to get the recipe right, season my curing boxes and develop the highest quality and consistency.  I use it for everything. It’s my calling card because once people try it they don’t forget it.

What’s up next for 1732?

Growth. First to get our current products out to the public more. We have been working hard to get our packaged bacons approved by the USDA and are just a couple of steps from being able to have them in production. Second, by adding some new products. Guancialle, Lomo, long-cured pancettas, and maybe another bacon flavor added to the product line over the next year.

Craving some bacon?  Check out our recipe post that has 6 ways to make pepper shooters using 1732 Meats bacon.