Love At First Bite Pairings

Guarantee a perfect night with these cheese pairings that always end with a WOW and THAT’S AMAZING.

We love these “Love at First Bite” pairings, and we’re confident you’ll be falling all over them too.  Charming, sweet and ridiculously good-looking.



The Scharfe Maxx S’Mores is one of our finest creations – sweet almond torrone, paired with Maxx Extra, a nutty and buttery gruyere style cheese that always shines.  Top this stack off with our signature dark chocolate bar, making for a savory candy-like bite that’ll leave you wide eyed and wanting more.  Shoutout to ACS Certfiied Cheese Monger Matt Shankle for thinking this one up – it’s oh so dreamy.  Pair with a smokey stout for campfire vibes.



Buttery, golden-ivory Manchego, Spain’s prized sheep’s milk cheese, offers flavors of toasted almonds and olives.  Add Membrillo, a deliciously sweet, tart paste made from quinces (traditional in Spanish and Portuguese cuisine) for a classic Spanish pairing. We’ve elevated this duo with the addition of marcona almonds – adding a welcome crunch.  Perfect for a night in spent snacking and sipping red wine, or take a page from the lovely Madame Fromage’s book House of Cheese” and pair with a gin cocktail.



Parmigiano Reggiano drizzled with balsamic glaze is one of those classic pairings where one bite can surprise those trying it for the first time, and reassure those who are longtime lovers.  This time around we’ve added Honey Roasted Pecans for sweetness and good measure.  This pairing is an explosion of flavor and takes your taste buds on a roller coaster ride – it’s sweet, salty, crunchy and perfectly drizzled with syrup.   Add in some prosecco to the mix and you’ll feel like you’re somewhere very special.