December Core Values Champion!

corevalueHere at Di Bruno Bros. we work and live by our Core Values.  Every month we pay tribute to a member of our Di Bruno family and celebrate someone who has shown off our values in an exemplary way.

Through nominations narrowed down by Senior Management, and hand-selected by our company President, we celebrate a team member each month.

Our Core Value Champion for the Month of September is Annie Diantonio!

  • Position: E-Commerce Fulfillment Manager
  • Nominated by: Krizia Medina
  • Core Value that Annie best exemplifies:  Exceeding expectations, Servant leadership, Company Stewardship, Meaningful Gowth

In the short time that Annie has been with the company, all I’ve heard are good things about her and the management of her team.  Also, in this very difficult season she has been able to exceed expectations for shipping time, which is an amazing step forward for the Company.  In my few days spent at DBI, I saw her doing a little bit of everything, from loading trucks to very detail-oriented tasks, which is the time of the year is difficult but extremely necessary.

I don’t know her very well and haven’t been able to work with her personally, but she never looks tired, she seems like she loves what she does and works very hard. I think she’s a role model in our Company and everyone should aim to be so energetic at their jobs. She’s a perfect example of exceeding expectations, a key player at DBI and a great representation of our team.


How long have you been with Di Bruno Bros.?  

4 months

What is your favorite thing about working with Di Bruno Bros.?

I love working with people who share my passion for food.

When you’re not busy overseeing our ecommerce fulfillment do you spend your time doing?

Cooking and brewing beer.

Favorite cheese/cheese pairing/Di Bruno Bros snack you just can’t live without? 

I have a small addiction to black lava cashews; I like to eat them with some Stilton and then hide the evidence that I ate it all.

Best memory from this holiday season?

Teaching the guys on the holiday crew about cheese/letting them sample stuff. I loved hearing the stories about how they were the Christmas party hero because they brought “that awesome cheese.”